Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paradise Inn @ NEX

Located at Level 3 of NEX mall, with nearest MRT being the Serangoon MRT. Took a train from Yew Tee and changed at Bishan. Went to the restaurant before 12pm, and was seated immediately. The place was nicely decorated with soup pots lining up its wall.

typical table setting

Once seated, the service staff brought a plate of peanuts to our table. This is chargeable (same as towel).

order chit

For drinks, once can opt for the usual per pot (think it's those usual flavours like jasmine/oolong) refillable permutation where it is calculated per head. Or choose from the herb/fruit infused tea where it is meant for per pax portion (non-refillable).

jasmine, osmanthus tea
lychee mojito tea

My friend had the jasmine, osmanthus, dried longan with chrysanthemum tea. Served in a teapot, with tealight and a quaint small little drinking cup.

cute cup

can you see jasmine, osmanthus, dried longan and chrysanthemum?

The lychee mojito was refreshing and nicely sweetened. Nice drink on a hot day. Not sure why is it called a mojito though but suspect it could be just due to that sprig of mint used as decoration. Hahaa!

lychee yums

We ordered dishes to go with rice.  Steamed minced meat with salted fish, yellow croaker fish, pork ribs, baby kai lan with oyster sauce and prawn paste chicken wings. All small sizes. Actually wanted to try their steamed Song fish head but apparently, it was out of stock. So the service staff suggested yellow croaker instead.

steamed minced meat with salted fish
yellow croaker fish
kai lan with oyster sauce
prawn paste chicken wings
white rice

The rice was soft, so it can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. The kai lan was quite salty (too much oyster sauce) and a little oily. The minced meat was enjoyable as it tasted homecooked. The fish has just a  hint of muddy smell. Otherwise, its meat was soft. But do watch out for the small bones.

closer view of steamed minced meat

a waitstaff commented that she has never eaten yellow croaker before

My favourite was the prawn paste chicken wings. Actually the drumlets tasted nicer than the midwings here! Meaty and juicy, and not too salty. Yums! Service was brisk, and friendly.

The above meal costs about $65 (inclusive of tax, service charge, towel and peanuts) for 3 pax.


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