Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sandaime Bunji @ Millenia Walk

Located at #01-14/15 Millenia Walk, Sandaime Bunji was easily noticeable. It is next to another Japanese restaurant.

Visited on a Sunday evening at about 745pm, and the person in-charge informed us that the restaurant closes at 9pm and last order is at 830pm. Was ok with it, and we were seated promptly. Heard that the restaurant is famed for its gyutan and oden dishes, as well as fish cakes. Ordered a gyutan set (@$29.90), a satsuma age seafood, a small beer and a shochu green tea. Wanted to try their yuzu alcoholic drink but it was not available.


shochu green tea (unsweetened)

cute embroidery on coaster

satsuma age seafood

 The drinks were the first to arrive, followed by the seafood fish cake. The only Japanese fish cakes that I've ever tasted were the ones sold at Isetan supermarket. The version here tasted much better, especially if eaten with the ginger mash. The ginger mash seemed to be seasoned by salt, and tasted like a dry version that we usually get from chicken rice stalls.

there's tako, and green beans in the fish cake

this small mound of ginger, was able to lift the taste of the fishcakes

Next up, was the gyutan set which comprises of grilled ox tongue, oxtail soup, tororo, rice, salad and tofu.

gyutan set
spicy miso paste, and kimchi to complement the grilled tongue

grilled ox tongue

The ox tongue was rather salty, but it goes well with the rice and the clear ox tail soup. The kimchi and spicy miso increases the enjoyment of eating the grilled tongue as it brings out a new dimension of taste when eaten together. The texture of the tongue was chewy but not tough.

mixed rice with barley
tororo (grated yam)

tororo over rice, yums!

First time having tororo, and it was fun and enjoyable. Slimy but likeable. Smooth tasting and probably pretty filling.

ox tail soup



The cold tofu has a very clear clean taste as it is served without any sauces. Hmmm.. too plain for me. Preferred to eat it with the spicy miso instead.

restaurant interior, with open kitchen concept

comfy cushion seats on tatami

rows and rows of sake

Ended the night with a complimentary cup of roasted tea.


Two person shared this meal, and the bill (inclusive of GST and drinks) was about $65 in total.


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