Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 3 of Orchard Central, this newly opened sushi joint is located nearby the sandwich and coffee places, and the washroom. First impression of the place. Bright. Mostly white, yellow and black are the predominant colours. Second impression. Small. The place was a little smaller than I expected.

Visited on a Sunday early evening, and there were ample of seats available. The staff look relatively young. The cashier counter staff seemed inexperienced. She was not friendly and did not attend to us (even when the cashier counter is not busy). She simply pointed to her colleague serving the tables, as if to say that wait for that person to get you seated...

Anyway, we got our seats, and was shown the way to order through the ipad. Looks like eating here is going to be fun! To order, simply click on the dish that you want. It will then appear in the train slot at the bottom of the screen. Note that there's only 4 slots available, so once its filled up, simply send the orders to the kitchen first.

ipad ordering system

table view
counter seats (probably for one diners?)

The conveyor belt here looked different. For once, there was practically nothing circulating on it, except wasabi and menu cards. But soon, I understood why.

wasabi, be careful not to take too much

The orders came to the table via a car. It is like the kitchen receives the order, makes it and places them on a car-like tray and sends it to your table. It was quite cool!

orders received, so take out the plates and click on the blinking button (with the genki mascot) to return the car
sending back to kitchen!

It was fun watching your food zipping in and stops right at the table. The staff had ipods connected to the ipad ordering system and hence, is able to check your orders should there be any errors. Need to be somewhat tech-savvy to work here!

Back to the food.

nicest ginger ever

potent wasabi

free to mix green tea powder is available on the table, and hot water dispenser

Two small scoops of green tea powder made the entire cup looked very greenish. I think I've refilled it with hot water for about 3 times and it still looked very green! Maybe 1 small scoop next time will do? Each cup is $1.50++ and free to refill with as much powder and water as you like.

chutoro @ $3.80++ per piece

otoro @ $5.80++ per piece

wasabi squid

something cheaper to fill me up

oyako don

The yellow sushi plates here on the average are about $2.30++ except for the premium items (gold plates). The chutoro was nice with a firm texture. The otoro has a nicer, more oily texture but has a weird taste. Tasted like it had a bit of uni smell attached to it. Hmm. The wasabi squid, not sure why, but looks very slimy with too much liquid in it. Was a little too salty too when eaten on its own.

But technology can be further improved. There was an item not available that day, but somehow it still appeared in our bill shown in the ipad because apparently the system couldn't cancel once the order has been taken. Hence, the staff will still need to come to the table to calculate the number of plates aka the traditional practice. Just remember to check the final bill to ensure that everything is in order.

This meal costs about $39 for 2 pax.


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