Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tai Liok Claypot Rice @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Visited the new Alexandra Village Food Centre for dinner tonight. Alot of stalls were closed. Guessed those are only opened during the day. Not many people there at night, so we took our time to browse. Old Punggol Satay had moved there from ABC Market. My friend wanted to eat claypot rice, so we went and got ourselves one pot. Minimum order is $10 for 2 pax. Waiting time was between 25-30 minutes. Added an extra order for watercress soup.

waiting patiently for our food

After some 20 minutes or so, our food came.

claypot chicken rice
add the dark soy sauce according to taste or colour...
watercress soup $4

The rice came piping hot, and it has chinese sausages (lap cheong) and a darker sausage (yun cheong) that is made out of liver. Besides that, it also has some stalks of vegetable, salted fish bits and chicken breast meat. However, do watch out for that odd bit of chicken bone and skin.

fragrant savoury claypot rice with generous amount of ingredients
spicy chili sauce

Each of us got around 4 small bowls of rice, and plenty of soup. The portion should be just right for one male and female combo, but for two females... it was a little too much... hahaaa! The chili sauce is worth mentioning. A little dash of this chili, goes a long way! Kid you not. It is loaded with garlic! Superb.

scraped till the bottom...
almost done..

Enjoyable and worth the wait. Take note that this stall is not open during lunch time.

ps: we've finished dinner by 8pm but am still feeling full... even at 1130pm...


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