Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fika Cafe @ Arab Street

Fika Cafe, located at the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street. Can't miss it. But parking could be a problem during lunch hour. Serves Swedish halal food. It's a cosy cafe, and for my maiden experience, we got the upstairs dining section as we went in a large group.

homely ambience
cosy furniture and fixtures
table decor

Think Swedish and we'll naturally think of meatballs... Wanting something familiar yet different, I chose the Swedish Pannbiff, which was basically beef patties (like hamburger patties) doused with cream sauce and served with mash potato, salad greens and lingonberry jam.

Swedish Pannbiff
What's a lingonberry jam? Hahaa, I wiki'ed it and it's a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine. Here's the link to the info. The beef patties were moist on the insides and goes well with the cream sauce, and lingonberry jam. The mash potato was a little dry and probably needed a dash of pepper, butter and salt. It's also a very filling dish.

closer look at lingonberry jam
beef patties and cream sauce, yums

Besides meatballs, the service staff said that their Swedish Hash is also another bestseller. So two of friends ordered it, and it came looking good! It has a sunny side up egg, some salad greens, potatoes and beef cubes and beet root slices.

Swedish Hash

But I thought the beef cubes were rather chewy! The mains here starts from $15.90++ onwards. They do have daily (Mon-Fri) set lunches at $17.90++, and it has a selected main (for that day), a soup and a dessert. Quite a good deal. They had seafood pasta in tomato based cream sauce on the day of our visit, and I tried a sampling of it. The sauce was good (sweet and tangy), but albeit a little watery.

The place was bustling during weekday lunch, so a reservation would be good if you're planning to visit. Take note that iced-water here costs 50 cents.


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