Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joe's Kitchen @ Bukit Merah

Everyday, on my way to work, I will pass by this place. From the bus, the shop's name was quite prominent as the lettering on its awning were huge. Located opposite Alexandra Hospital, and nearby you'll see an OCBC bank.

Went with a colleague to have lunch, and we reached there at about 1215pm. To our surprise, the place was empty. No other customers except us. Hmmm...

glass door, and outside view

We ordered mango salad, tom yum soup, green curry, prawn cake, stuffed chicken wing and pandan chicken. For drinks, I had thai iced tea.

thai iced tea

Service was brisk, and the items were delivered in succession pretty quickly. Probably because we were the first customer of the day. I felt more at ease once the other customers began to stream in... Mixture of demographics; a group of middle-aged uncle and aunties, a group of Korean ladies, a caucasian boy eating with his local friend and a group of working adults.

mango salad

with peanuts, raw onions and cuttlefish

Mango salad was a mixture of sour and sweet mangoes. It has raw onions, peanuts and cuttlefish. The cuttlefish was chewy, and perhaps the dish would taste even better if the chewy cuttlefish was replaced with small anchovies for extra crunchiness. Nevertheless, the mango salad whets the appetite and we were ready for more.

green curry (chicken)
long beans and brinjals, and tender chicken

The green curry gravy was rather bland. The vegetables were soft, and the chicken was tender. The small bowl was enough to feed 2 pax.

seafood tom yum soup

mushrooms, cuttlefish and prawns

The tom yum soup was good! Tasty and with the right sourness and spice.

stuffed chicken wing
prawn cake

Liked the prawn cake. Fresh and springy on the inside and crunchy on the outer part. Tasted even better when dipped into the chili sauce provided. However, the stuffed chicken wing, was just so-so.

pandan chicken

boneless chicken

The pandan chicken was quite disappointing. The meat was a little bit dry and not as flavourful as expected. The prawn cakes fared much better in terms of taste and texture.

All in all, the meal costs about $34 for 2 pax.


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