Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gurney Drive @ Jubilee Entertainment Complex (AMK)

Located at Jubilee Entertainment Complex, Level 1. Gurney Drive, the name of the famous foodie stretch in Penang, Malaysia. It's been ages since I've last visited Penang, so decided to give this a try.

inside the shop

The shop has an 'old town' vibe to it. Ample seats, bright and airy. Ordered the Penang prawn noodles (@$5.90++) and a cup of kopi (@$1.40++). 

Penang prawn noodles


The coffee was at best, lukewarm. It has a very strong milk taste that I don't quite like. The prawn noodles came with 2 medium sized prawns, a piece of pork ribs, few slices of pork and some slices of fish cake. Good amount of taugeh, kangkong and noodles. 

The soup, although tasty, was not wow. It did not excite the taste bud as much as I thought it would. Perhaps, if the soup was a little bit higher in temperature, then it would have been more enjoyable. Quite a hassle to eat the prawns with shells intact. Kudos though to the service staff to give an extra plate to place the prawn shells. The pork slices were quite tough.

If I ever visited this place again, I will not be ordering the above 2 items.


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