Friday, March 11, 2011

Baguette The Viet Inspired Deli @ Square 2

Located at Square 2, Level 2, we kinda stumbled upon this place. Was thinking of having something light for dinner, so decided to give it a try.

One can top-up $3.80 to get a drink and a side dish to go along with the bread. However, to get the Vietnamese drip coffee, one will need to add another dollar. The side dish, can choose either cakes, sushi bread or summer roll. We wanted to get 4 inch bread but apparently, they ran out of it. So we chose a 6 inch grilled pork baguette, top up to make it a set, and add another drink. This feeds 2 not so hungry ladies. We chose summer roll as the side dish, and for drinks, we had soda chanh with plum and a lemongrass soda.

soda chanh with plum
summer rolls

The soda chanh with plum was very likeable. Slightly sweet, sour and salty and a little fizzy. A real nice cooler. The lemongrass drink reminds me of spa.. mild and tranquil.

The summer rolls has lots of of greens in it. It has lettuce and mint leaves. Must eat it with the sauce. Sweet, tangy and garlicky!

refreshing rolls

sauce for summer rolls, loaded with garlic
6 inch grilled pork baguette (@$6.20), unwrapped

The bread was tasty, but the meat seemed too little. Liked the pickled carrots, and chili. All the ingredients complemented each other well. Not sure how it's done in Vietnam, but perhaps can have more butter on the bread? Or some sauce? It was kinda dry.

They have loyalty card and you get a stamp for every $6 purchase. 

loyalty card

This shared meal costs us $11.90 in total.


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