Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cafe Indulge @ The Cathay

Located at B1 of The Cathay. This restaurant is next to the popcorn shop, and near the Japanese restaurant. They have premium set dinner, priced at about $23++ and it has a starter, a soup, a main course and a drink. Quite a good deal if you can eat that much.


interior of the restaurant
Drinks are priced from $3.50 onwards. They have mocktails from $4, and wine (housepour) from $9.

orange juice @$3.50 per glass

The main course here comes with 2 side dishes. I ordered a lamb shank braised in red wine sauce and for side dishes; french beans and corn. Didn't opt for any potato as I wasn't feeling very hungry. The dish came out looking good. Presented on a elongated plate.

lamb shank braised in red wine sauce
tender lamb
sweet corn

The lamb shank was good. The meat was tender and yet, firm to bite. Enjoyable. But the side dishes fell short of expectation. French beans were hard to bite as the side stem was not peeled off. The sweet corn were limp and soft.

Main course price ranges from $10++ onwards. If you order ala-carte a main course and a drink, it'll set you back at about $20 per pax.


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