Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dian Xiao Er @ Lot One Choa Chu Kang

Located at the basement of Lot One, this restaurant seems to be enjoying brisk business during the weekends. The waitresses are garbed in traditional Chinese inn waiter's costumes. Visited on a Sunday evening at about 7pm and there was a queue already formed. Waited for about 10 minutes before being seated.

service staff hurrying to attend to walk-in customers
wet towel (chargeable)

Their set meals start from $38++ till $66++ for 2 pax. For us, we took the family set meal (@$38++ for 2 pax) that comprises of roasted angelica duck, mongolian pork ribs (or dong po rou), stir fried kai lan with salted fish and lime, soup of the day and white rice. Ordered plum with lime and luo han with longan for our drinks as the set doesn't come with any drinks.

Service was friendly, and the wait staff always greets the customer prior to placing the food on the table.

longan luo han drink

sour plum with lime drink

I'd much prefer if the longan drink was sweeter. The sour plum with lime lives up to expectation as it was sour, salty, sweet and refreshing. Both drinks could do with more ice though. The food was served fairly quickly and soon we were enjoying our meal.

table-full of dishes for 2 pax

stir fried baby kai lan with salted fish and lime

close up view

This is my first time having vegetable that tasted abit sourish. The salted fish bits were very very little and its fragrance was practically drowned out by the sourish taste.

mongolian pork ribs

closer view of pork ribs

The pork ribs was tasty, and its meat was tender to bite. Tasted pepperish and sweetish. This was the most oily dish in our meal.

soup of the day, old cucumber soup

The soup of the day was old cucumber soup and each has one bowl. The soup was pretty yummy. Besides the slice of old cucumber, there was pork ribs bits and some herbs in the soup.

soupy remnants
angelica duck

nice roasted skin and tender meat

The roasted duck was enjoyable as its meat was tender and its skin nicely roasted. The sauce has strong herbal taste (当归 or angelica) and was a tad too salty and sweet at the same time. Goes well with rice.

This meal costs about $50 (inclusive of towels, drinks and taxes) for 2 pax.

Here's a link to subsequent visit with family.


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