Thursday, May 12, 2011

Akashi @ Vivocity

Located at B2 of Vivocity. Visited during lunch time and there were ample seats available. As this was our first visit, we took some time to pore over the menu.

have some green tea while deciding what to order

We ordered gyu teriyaki, sukiyaki set and umi tsuki don set. The sets here means it's going to be served with rice and fruits. In Chinese restaurants, they will serve peanuts while here at Akashi, they served us edamame (chargeable @$2).


The food arrived fairly quickly and the first to reach our table was the pan-fried beef teriyaki.

beautiful gyu teriyaki ala-carte

Served with cabbage shreds. The teriyaki beef was nicely pink in the middle, slightly chewy and the middle pieces were really tender. Nice texture, and tasted good especially when the sauce gets absorbed by the crispy outerpart. There is also a drizzle of plum sauce on the cabbage so overall you will get plenty of taste from this dish.

yummy beef!

My friend had the umi tsuki don set and it looked delectable. It is basically fresh seafood sashimi on rice. There were maguro, salmon, tako, avocado and tamago cubes. Served with miso soup, salad (shredded cabbage) and fruits.

umi tsuki don set
close up view

Tried the maguro, salmon and tako cubes. Fresh and firm. Just remember to go easy on the wasabi! And finally, the sukiyaki set.

sukiyaki set
beef slices

The sukiyaki pot has chockfuls of ingredients. Huge amount of wongbok simmered in the soup, some leafy greens, substantial pieces of tofu, a handful of japanese tang hoon and many many slices of beef! The beef slices were tender (if it is not left in  the pot for too long) especially those with a bit of fats on them. The soup was sweet and flavourful.

The service was efficient and green tea topped up regularly. This lunch is a birthday treat from my colleague, so thanks to Cathy. Otherwise, it will cost about $33 per pax, with the umi tsuki don set being the priciest at $25++. Between lunch and dinner, the same sets have a pricing difference between $3 to $5.


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