Sunday, May 15, 2011

Limoncello Pizza and Grill @ Rivergate, 95 Robertson Quay

Located within the Rivergate condominium, Blk 95. Very close to Bar Bar Black Sheep. Business was thriving when we were there. Expect lots of well-heeled diners, and non-locals, or an occassional young couple on a date to impress.

Opted for al-fresco dining, and weather was hot and humid these days. The indoor dining looked comfortable with airconditioning, plants and ceiling fans. Ice-water is served here, as well as bottled ones.

getting ready for dinner

Ordered a ravioli dish (with cheese and mushrooms filling), pizza and squid ink pasta to share amongst 4 of us. Also had a limoncello drink each (just to get a taste of the restaurant's namesake).


Limoncello is actually an after-dinner drink, and made from lemon peel. Very sweet. Bread basket was served while we waited for our main courses to arrive.

bread basket

bread dip

The first to arrive was the ravioli.


mushroom and cheese fillings

The ravioli was fragrant with creamy cheese sauce. The fillings were nicely smooth with mushroom hints. However, the sauce was on the salty side.

squid ink pasta with seafood

with prawns, squids and scallops chunks

The squid ink pasta was done al-dente, with just the right amount of sauce that nicely coated the noodles and seafood. The seafood was fresh and bouncy to the bite.

a slice of pizza

We ordered a 13 inch pizza, and it was nicely crunchy. However, a friend commented that it tasted like it had been in the oven a few seconds too long. Nice but nothing to shout about. I liked the squid ink pasta best.

This meal (inclusive of drinks and taxes) should be about less than $90 and fed 4 pax.


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