Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tea Lounge @ The Regent Hotel

Located at the Regent Hotel at Cuscaden Road. If you are walking from Orchard MRT, head towards Wheelock and then towards Hilton Hotel until you come towards a small road at the Forum. I was a bit lost there, so I asked the security uncle the location of Regent Hotel. He said alot of people had asked him the same question. Hahaa!

the back of Regent Hotel, if you're walking from Forum
hotel lobby

Tea Lounge reception
our table

On weekdays 12-5pm, they have the English Afternoon Tea set @$36++ per pax. Can choose 2 drinks; for example free flow of coffee and one flavour of tea, or two flavors of tea with refillable hot water. There are about 12 selections of tea flavours to choose from. If you are not into coffee nor tea, then there is the last option of chocolate (hot/cold) drink.


teacup with strainer
tea room blend

Tried the tea room blend and afternoon darjeeling. These flavours sits well with conservative tea drinker like me. Not too exotic. There is one really smoky flavoured leaves from China with name that is too funky for me to remember! The rose flavoured was really fragrant and nice too.

sugar cubes

We sipped tea and chit-chatted while waited for the finger sandwiches.

finger sandwiches

roast beef horseradish sandwich (right)
roast beef

The roast beef finger sandwich has a certain pungent smell to it (probably from horseradish?). An acquired taste.

guessed this is the free range chicken on brioche?
smoked salmon on sunflower bread
organic egg mayo
is this the McLelland smoked cheddar cheese on the right?

The best tasting finger sandwich, I felt was the brown colored bread (soft) with cheese (McLelland smoked cheddar?). Nice and yummy. All in all, the finger sandwiches were quite 'dry'. And looks can be deceptive. After that plate of petite looking finger sandwiches, I felt the tummy filling up fast, especially when combined with two cups of hot tea.

After the finger sandwiches, out came the 3-tiered pastries. It was really pretty to look at. Somehow it lends to the atmosphere of a 'proper' English afternoon tea.

3-tiered pastries

First tier, was the scones. Plain and raisin scones. Scones with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream. The best combination ever!

clotted cream

lemon curd

strawberry preserve

Devonshire clotted cream (should be quite high in fats content!) gave the scones a smooth and creamy bite while the strawberry preserve or lemon curd added a touch of sweetness to the buttery coarseness.

a bite of scone, a sip of tea

Second tier was the savouries. By now, the pace is definitely slowing down.

crispy pastry (cheese straw)
sausage pastry

mushroom spinach quiche

cross section of quiche

I liked the pie on this savoury plate, while most of the people in the group preferred the quiche. After having our fill on the savouries, we were all quite stuffed. Before starting on the sweets, we had our pot of tea changed to a different flavour.

am quite tickled by this dessert, looks like a smiley face with sunglasses
sour alert!
is that a flower petal?
nice mousse like dessert with berry
chocolate truffle

madeleine (didn't like this, as it didn't taste fresh)
raspberry coconut delice

The service crew were friendly and obliged with hot water refills, more clotted cream and preserves. We spent a leisurely two hours or so at the lounge. An indulgence indeed.

We paid $34 per pax as there was a UOB credit card promotion.


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