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Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe @ Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2

This place could be a bit tricky to find, especially if you aren't familiar with that neighbourhood. From Aljunied Crescent, turn into Aljunied Avenue 2 and walk towards the hawker centre. Blk 115 is behind the hawker centre and somewhere round the corner of Blk 114. Or, ask the residents or nearby shopkeeper and tell them you'd like to go to the Thai restaurant.

shop front

Opened by our local businessman, Ron Poh, whom loves Thai cuisine. Spicy Thai Thai Cafe prides itself in serving northeastern Thai cuisine in a casual setting. The condiments and chilies in the restaurant are imported from Thailand, and he has chefs from Thailand and Malaysia working the kitchen. While some of the condiments, ingredients, and serving style remained authentic, Spicy Thai Thai Cafe menu also included a few original or fusion items that owner, Ron had came up with together with his chefs. Well, as long as it taste good, the more the merrier as that means more options for us, diners!

Was invited for a tasting and we got a chance to try northeastern Thai cuisine which are stronger in flavour.

"when in Thai restaurant, drink Thai iced tea" - purpletaste

The Thai iced (milk) tea here was decent and not overly sweetened. Just the drink to quench the thirst. The dishes came our fairly quickly after ordering. A myriad of dishes with meat ratio overpowered the vegetables by ... plenty? Haha!

dinner is served

One of the usual orders for side dishes when in Thai restaurant would be either the fish cake or the prawn cake. We tried the prawn cake. Flattened mound of prawn paste, coated and deep fried to a nice light brown colour. The texture was bouncy. Enjoyable with the chili dip. In the menu, one can find "Larb Moo Tok" aka pork meatballs. Nice dish to go with beer.

Prawn Cake @$2 per piece (min. order of 2 pieces)
Prawn Cake - cross section view

For families, usually I'd see them ordering omelettes. We had the restaurant recommended Dill Pattie (Cha Om) Omelette. Thai dills are wrapped inside the omelette and pan-fried. The cha om did not have a strong  herby taste and thus, can be easily eaten along with the egg. Interesting but the egg was a tad oily though.

Dill Pattie (Cha Om) Omelette @$12

From the grills and barbeque pit, we had the BBQ chicken wings and BBQ pork neck. The advise is to quickly eat these once it is served. Had mine after quite a long while, and unfortunately, the meat tasted a tad tough.

BBQ Chicken Wings @$9 for 6 pieces
BBQ Pork Neck @$10

Loved their deep fried items. The Deep Fried Pork Belly with Garlic and the Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai sauce were both excellent! Pork belly was well marinated and flavourful, and with good texture. The kang kong remained crispy for quite a long while and it paired so well with the special sauce. Will gladly eat this vegetable. Memorable.

Deep Fried Pork Belly with Garlic @$12
Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce (sauce not in photo) @$10

Spicy Thai Thai has a special otah that is called Hommok. Presented in a coconut and has a rich coconut cream and curry taste. Good to be eaten with rice.

Hommok Thai Style Otah @$16

For seafood options, we had the Thai Basil Black Pepper Crab and the Walking Catfish with Spicy Lemon Soup. The Basil Pepper Crab had watery sauce but boy, it was spicy! The flesh of the crab was so good. Sweet flesh that was firm and stringy.

Thai Basil Black Pepper Crab @ seasonal price
Thai Walking Catfish with Spicy Lemon Soup @$28

The Walking Catfish sounds weird and scary but this dish ought to be on the table of every diner. A good sized catfish that was served warm over the charcoal fire. If you worry that catfish may have that muddy taste? Fret not. The version served here was devoid of any mud taste. The charcoal fire actually continues cooking the fish and even so, the flesh remained tender. The soup was so good. Tangy, spicy and very appetising. Be careful of the tiny fiery chilies though.

For supper, perhaps the La-La Bee Hoon may tickle your fancy. Stir well and try to get those bee hoon to soak up the sauce. Savoury, sweet with a tinge of spicy kick.

La La (Clams) Bee Hoon @$18

For desserts, get the Tapioca in coconut milk. Super good.

Tapioca in coconut milk (warm) @$3.50

The Sticky Rice with Mango was let down by the too compact/dense glutinous rice.

Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango @$6

The Red Ruby and Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera and Calamansi had very much lighter sweetness and taste than accustomed to.

Special thanks to Christina and Ron for hosting the dinner and for sharing more about northeastern Thai cuisine with us. Thank you Shauniee for the invite.

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe

Location: Blk 115, Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115
Contact : +65 6747 8558
Business Hours:
Opens Daily from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.


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