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Hyde & Co - Jekyll's Hyde Out @ 785 North Bridge Road

"Dinner is served." This may sound trivial but it was not until recently that Hyde started their dinner service. Available on every Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Read on if you would like to find out more on what's on the dinner menu. Linger around a while longer and you'll get a glimpse of the Christmas Waffle. Meanwhile, Hyde is running their 1st Anniversary Dinner this week on 27 to 28 November, so their dinner menu will resume on the 1st week of December.


If you are driving, I heard that the nearest parking would be Textile Centre. For me, it was bus #851 and it stops at Parkview Square (the one that looks like Gotham City). Alight from bus and turn left and walk straight for the longest time. Walked past a mosque and once you spot The Ramen Stall, that's a good sign as Hyde is next to it.

in the middle

Let's go easy and start slowly

Out of the four available starters, we tried the Buffalo Wings. The sauce was sweetish and smoky. A beer kind of dish. Good starter and it whets the appetite. Maybe more crudités to dip into the garlic aioli? The four starters cover the Greens (Beetroot Salad), the Meat (Buffalo Wings), the Carb (Truffle Fries) and the Soup (Tomato Bisque).

Buffalo Wings - Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Garlic Aioli @$10

Bring out the mains and bring it out in full force! 

Well, almost. Sampled four out of the seven mains. More than half of the mains are actually Asian dishes, executed with modern European techniques. Chef Nazz is trained in Italian cooking and came from a family who owns a catering business. We tried the interesting Assam Halibut, Beef Cheek Rendang, Nasi Lemak Risotto and Truffle Mac and Cheese. Make a guess on which one was the most 'westernized' dish of the night?

Assam Halibut @$21

The Assam Halibut was served with burnt cauliflower, french beans, soba sitting atop of homemade assam sauce. Halibut and cod are pretty similar in the same whitefish grouping. Halibut is often described as lean, flaky white flesh that is mild in flavour. A good try from Chef but somehow, this dish was more of a miss for me. The soba was unfortunately a tad overcooked and while the halibut was of a good texture, this combination was just not something that I'd preferred.

Next, we had the Nasi Lemak Risotto. All too familiar and expertly cooked and plated. No surprises here.

Nasi Lemak Risotto @$22

Break the poached egg (be careful, it squirts!) and mixed everything together. Tasty.

Homemade sambal (more of this please!) was less spicy than expected but has deep flavours. The prawns were plump, firm and good. The risotto was cooked with coconut water and finished with coconut cream. Tasted like a good fragrant plate of nasi lemak with extra creaminess and moistness. The ikan bilis (anchovies) were perfect. Crispy and crunchy.

let it flow and mix well

For meatatarians, try the Beef Cheek Rendang. It has a well balanced taste and the texture of the meat was still firm yet tender enough. No surprise, since the meat was cooked for 4 hours. The sweet potato mash, the slaw and the crispy 'homemade from scatch' crostini all made wonderful partners to the beef cheeks. This dish was good and satisfying.

Beef Cheek Rendang @$25

The last main dish that we sampled was the Truffle Mac & Cheese. Now, isn't this a purely westernized dish? But who cares!?  This was one of favourite dishes for the night. Classic comfort food. Bacon with its fats rendered, torched crumbs (panko) and roasted mushroom topped with cheese and baked. For best taste, use a spoon to scoop up a mouthful of pasta, bacon, mushrooms and sauce. So good!

Truffle Mac & Cheese @$22

The other mains in the Jekyll's Hyde Out menu included the Chili Crab Pasta, Chicken Confit and Coffee Rub Lamb Rack. The lamb sounds interesting.

Feeling thirsty? Have some refreshing cold tea. We tried the Addams Family and Into the Woods. Addams Family is made of Moroccan Apple Tea and crushed apples while Into the Woods are Iced Berries Tea based with Hibiscus and Rose Hip. Both are refreshing and not very sweet. Perfect cooler for our warm and humid weather.

Addams Family (front) and Into the Woods (back) @$7.50 each

Not forgetting the desserts. We were introduced to the All-Star Tea Affogato. Say what again? Isn't affogato a coffee-based dessert? Usually, yes. But hey, if Hyde wants to do affogato with tea, who is to say can't?

All-Star Tea Affogato (@$7.50 each) - Millie, Matilda, Charlie and Hamilton

Each of the All-Star Tea Affogato was named after a Broadway show. Pictured above, is "Millie", a concoction of Vintage Earl Grey, Orange Zest and mint. The next one was "Matilda" based on Roald Dahl's novel about a five year old girl. Matilda the affogato, tasted of Strawberry Ceylon and Berry Compote.
Followed by "Charlie" as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where we get Chocolate Meringue Tea, Salted Chocolate Drizzle. Lovely. Finally, the manly "Hamilton" - based on the biography of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Father of the United States. Hamilton affogato has the Spiced Lapsang Souchong and Sesame Segments. I'd imagine cigar lovers would love this as this dessert has a heavy, smokey taste to it. 

Each of the affogato has its own uniqueness, so it depends on your preference or mood for that day. That night, I liked the lighter flavoured ones but the crowd was going for Hamilton. Try and see which one of Damien's (Hyde's head barista) creation you like best.

And something special for Christmas, Hyde's Christmas Waffle! A delicious gingerbread buttermilk waffle (contains cinnamon), caramelized apple, wine poached raisins, vanilla bean ice-cream and salted caramel drizzle. Waffle was crisp on the outerside and soft-fluffy-chewy on its inside that's sweet and salty at the same time. Yummeh! Available from first week of December and will be taken off the menu after Christmas, boo hoo! 

Christmas Waffle @$14

For the coffee lovers, try Hyde's Anniversary "Magic" blend with beans from Brazil, Sumatra and Ethiopia. Slightly stronger acidity from previous blend, and tasted of hazelnut and chocolate.

Ordered a latte, and snapped a photo of Damien. The latte art this time was too cute and with a Chrismas-sy feel too. Thanks Damien!

The man and his machine
Merry Christmas Mr Snowman

Thank you to Derrick for hosting the tasting session, Chef Nazz for creating the flavourful menu and Damien for the good teas and coffees. Special thanks to Kris for the invite.

Here's a link to the first visit.

Hyde & Co

Location: 785 North Bridge Road, 198753 
Contact: +65 6636 5785
Business Hours:
Sunday to Monday - 11am till 6pm 
Wednesday to Saturday - 11am till 10:30pm
Closed on Tuesdays  


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