Monday, November 30, 2015

Coffee Jammin! - Three Cups Coffee @ One Raffles Place

Coffee Jammin!? What's that? Was asked by Kris if I'd wanted to follow her to a coffee jamming session. Images of people downing copious amount of coffee surfaced in my mind... haha! No, I think it'd be a session where coffee lovers come together to learn more about their favourite beans. So, we signed up for the session organized by Three Cups Coffee at Level 4 of One Raffles Place.

The session starts from 11am, and by the time I reached, most were already seated with a cuppa in their hands. Ooh, what do I do next? As payment had been made prior, just needed to sign-in at their registration booth, and get a sticker plus a coffee sleeve to redeem your cup of coffee (latte or cappucino). Nice.

aww, cute little hearts for the cappucino

Friendly people at Three Cups Coffee, and the session starts with Michael, the boss introducing the event line-up. Next, was Darren from The Necessary Provision Roasters, talking about coffee beans and demonstrated coffee roasting. Learnt about wet and dry method of removing coffee seeds from its fruit and its impact on coffee acidity.

Darren, on the finer points of roasting coffee beans
Had the opportunity to taste the "Project Y" blend in espresso form. Bitter and strong, but still less caffeinated than our local kopitiam kopi.

Project Y espresso

Next, was a demonstration on coffee flavour extraction via aeropress. This segment was conducted by Evonne. The aeropress is a modern contraption that looks like an oversized syringe.

Zack and Evonne
completing the extraction with exertion of some strength

Hmm, after trying the coffee extracted through the aeropress, am of the opinion that hand-brewed coffee tasted nicer as iced-coffee.

The finger food provided during the jamming session were all good, and can be found in their menu. We tried the egg mayo chicken sandwich, smoked salmon wrap and roast beef sandwich. Yums.

yes to food, was starving!
beef sandwich with caramelized onions and Gruyère cheese

Refreshed by the food (and yes, some shots of espressos), we were ready for the final segment. Siphon Brewing by Zack, the head barista at Three Cups Coffee.

The syphon has been around since the 1830's and while it may look old-fashioned, it is currently still popular in specialty coffee places and there is even a "World Siphonist Championship" event.

let's grind some beans
second stir

A much informative session and for finale, all participants adjourned to the barista counters to learn and to try their hands on latte art. Woohoo!

hey, everyone's here - Sue, Evonne, Zack and Michael

And, it so happened that Zack was our teacher for the latte art. Yay!

this is how you do it
ta-dah, made by the expert

It was an informative session with sampling of coffee and hands-on opportunity. A place where common love for coffee brings people closer.

Three Cups Coffee

Location: #04-31, 1 Raffles Place Shopping Mall
Instagram: threecupscoffeeco
Contact: 6438 4108
Business Hours:
Monday to Friday : 8.00am-9.00pm 
Saturday: 10.00am-6.00pm
Sunday & Public holidays : Closed


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