Friday, November 6, 2015

Hyde & Co @ 785 North Bridge Road

Was our monthly cafe hopping time with the usual gang but minus some. Met up with the lovelies Kris, Jennifer, Rachelle and Ivan at Hyde & Co for cakes and coffee.


First time to this small little cosy cafe. Captivated by the lovely colours of lychee rose, we ordered a slice of that, plus a slice of ondeh-ondeh cake. For mains (and for sustenance), we ordered up the Pulled Pork Mantou and a Mr Frosty to share.

Started with the cakes first. Liked the flavour and fragrance of the lychee rose, but the chiffon was too crumbly and a tad dry. The ondeh-ondeh cake fared better in terms of texture and moistness. Sweetness level was nice.

lychee rose & ondeh-ondeh cakes @$7.90 per slice
moist and buttery ondeh-ondeh cake

And of course, one need to have coffee when having cakes. Mine was a piccolo latte, served with heart and some cutesy art. The colourful marshmallow and the blue teacup added to the charm. It was a very pretty cup with smooth coffee that was not too bitter and rather mellow.

piccolo latte @$4.50

Here are the other latte art that we got or rather, can we say, requested for? Haha, thank you Damien for indulging us!

swan art for the mocha
cutesy bunny for the guy's latte
and, a somewhat cheeky looking kissy doraemon

Of course, we must have food. Rather hungry by then. Mr Frosty is a plate of s'mores brioche french toast, chocolate sauce, marsmallow fluff, vanilla ice-cream, caramelized banana stuffed in between the toast and a few segments of orange.

Mr Frosty @$18
Pulled Pork Mantous @$14 (5 pieces)

The pulled pork man tou could have been great with its tender flavourful meat, if not for the oily man tou and a slightly too sweet sauce. Sweet buns combined with sweet sauce for the pork, equated to some jelakness.

The shop has a friendly and cosy vibe.


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