Sunday, November 8, 2015

Non Entrée Desserts Cafe @ Rangoon Road

Located at 204 Rangoon Road, and the place is just beside one of the popular bak kut teh eatery there. If you are looking for main course, there is none here. Unless you count those sugary treats as one. Described as a place that take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal gelato.

Was there as an interlude between our cafe hops and it was pit stop #4. Gosh, we were having so many sweet stuff that day.

shop sign
door front

Its door front is painted bright yellow. Can't miss it. Quite heartening to see rattan furniture being adopted at this place. Retro cool.


The place was rather packed on a Saturday. Once you step in, you will notice the gelato and then the cakes and subsequently, the chandelier.

chalkboard menu
chandelier and chefs at work
seat and nice tiles

Here is a collage of the ready-to-eat cakes on display that day. They have white florest, gold bar, chocolate charlotte, montblanc and strawberry shortcake.

(top clockwise) White Forest, Gold Bar, Mont Blanc and Chocolate Charlotte
pretty in red

Since we had overdosed on our sugar quota for the day, the three of us decided to just share one plated desserts from the seven available choices. Finally decided on Rubbery Ducky, only to be informed that it was not available. Then, wanted to try Tiramisu but without the alcohol but that was not possible since some of the ingredients were already infused with liqueur. But went ahead and ordered Tiramisu anyway since it was the next available desserts that we perceived as of the 'lighter' variant.

When the desserts was served up, we were surprised to see a Rubber Ducky. Checked the receipt and lo and behold, we did order a Rubber Ducky. Glad they were able to make one for us because it was just too cute!

Rubber Ducky @$12.90+

Essentially, Rubbery Ducky is made from 'exotic' gelato, mango puree, lemongrass foam and underneath it was creme fraiche pudding and sago. This was their take on mango pomelo sago (楊枝甘露).

creme fraiche pudding, sago, mango puree and lemongrass cloud

Rubber Ducky was pretty refreshing, sweet and very Asian.


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