Saturday, November 7, 2015

Karafuru カラフル Desserts @ Jalan Klapa

Instagram shots of colourful éclairs? You must have seen one of those, right? Found it fascinating. After a certain amount of exposure over a period of time, it has created a desire to visit the shop. 

The place was kind of zen with white walls and minimalistic furnishing. The éclairs were categorized as non-alcoholic and alcoholic ones.

colourful éclairs

Choose your éclairs and pay at the counter. If éclair is not your thing, how about trying its yoghurt parfait? Or, choose from its dessert sets as it include a small pot of tea. 

dessert sets options

If you had ordered the parfait dessert set, then a buzzer will be given as they will need a bit of time to plate the desserts.

number one customer

Let's bring out the カラフル エクレーア~

(front anti-clockwise) sakura, matcha azuki, blackforest, cafe au lait
matcha azuki @$6+

blackforest (alcoholic) @$7+
cafe au lait @$6+

For éclairs, I liked the cafe au lait best. The yoghurt parfait was nice and not too sour but the syrup underneath the pudding tasted like cough syrup.

Soba seed tea, was mild and soothing.

parfait set with sakura dango, pudding and raspberry coulis, served with soba seed tea

The sweets were photogenic and pretty to look at. Noted that it was not overwhelmingly sweet. We spent about $9 per pax.

Actually, the whisky creme éclair was one of those that caught my eye...wonder how it will taste like...


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