Sunday, April 20, 2014

Xin Mei Le Bak Kut Teh 新美乐肉骨茶 @ Tanjong Pagar Road

Amongst rows and rows of Korean eateries and drinking places, found this little bak kut teh shop. Seemed like some Taiwanese celebrities had tried it before, as there are photo evidences plastered at its front door.


The service crew is young and polite. And there was just this other table occupied as we were there early. Like around 6pm on a weekend. The place is airconditioned and provided a cooling respite from the hot and humid air outside.


Was in the mood for braised pork knuckles 卤猪脚, so got a bowl of that plus a bowl of regular pork ribs soup. Stir-fried vege was kinda pricey for a small portion, so got ourselves a bowl of soupy tang-o.

Food was delivered pretty fast, except for the tang-o.


The you tiao 油条 (fried dough fritters @$1.20+) was bad. It tasted heavily of stale oil so we left it untouched after one piece.

Thankfully, the rest of the food was alright. The tang-o portion was little (@$3+) but adequate for the price. The pork ribs was nicely tender and with fiery peppery soup with herbal aftertaste. It was like teochew styled bak kut teh with a hint of hokkien.

original pork ribs bak kut teh (@$7.80+)

Soup refill is free but probably not a good idea to drink too much. Not too sure if it had MSG but felt rather thirsty after that.

Quite liked the braised pork knuckles. Adequately braised with sauce permeated into the meat. Yums. Good to drizzle over the white rice (@$0.60+ per bowl).

braised pork knuckles (@$7.80+)

Dinner for 2 costs about $27.


  1. The soup looks quite cloudy instead of those clear peppery type.

    1. Indeed, but the colour is also not like those darker ones for hokkien styled bak kut teh.

  2. I always walked past here as i used to work nearby. Always curious about the food and now finally see the light! haha~

    1. Ooh, prob most of e time, bkt wasn't on ur mind? Keke =)

    2. no lor...i want to try leh. but cannot find any makan buddy to go with me :S

    3. Next time when you're in town, can always go for one. Just give a shout-out ;)


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