Friday, April 18, 2014

Bali Thai @ Velocity, Novena Square

Located at Level 3 of Novena Square. One of the few halal places for the office lunch crowd. Was there for lunch and we ordered dishes to share.

belinjau crackers with sweetish watery chili dip (@$3++)
hot honey lemon (@$3.50++)

White rice is free-flow, so one could eat as much as they need. Tauhu telor (fried egg beancurd) with kicap manis goes well with the rice but our version was lukewarm. Good to share amongst 3 pax.

tauhu telor
kangkung with chili

For vegetables, it felt like tapas. Small plate. One plate of vege was just enough for 2 pax.

pandan chicken (1 piece per serving)
pandan chicken unwrapped

The pandan chicken was slightly dry. We also had a pot of seafood tom yum soup (@$12++) which my colleagues said was quite yummy. Not enough for everyone as one pot serves about 4 small bowls. Also had a plate of sizzling egg tofu (with frozen corn, green peas and carrots) with seafood and a green curry.

For desserts, go for the warm sticky rice with mango. Waited quite a while for desserts but it was worthed it. Slightly sweeter but nice.

mango with glutinous rice, coconut milk

Spent about $21 per pax for lunch.


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