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Madame Patisserie Bar & Bistro @ MacKenzie Road

Located at 25 27 29 MacKenzie Road, with nearest MRT Station being Little India. There's a huge carpark there, cut across that and then cross the road and one will reach the bistro.

First thought of Madame Patisserie. Desserts? All sorts of pretty looking, dainty sweet desserts filled my mind. However, a quick look on the menu revealed pretty much of western starters, main course and bar snacks. Here is the link to their online menu.

On the day of visit which was on a weekday, the place was still quiet. But reservations tag were on most tables. The diners came from 730pm onwards.

main dining area

Happy Hour is long, from 3-9pm. A pint of Erdinger (on tap) @$11++ and Singapore Sling @$9.90++. I'll tell you more on the Sling. Later.

beer for you?

Madame Patisserie has a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Unwind after a day's of hard work? Sure. If you prefer to dine in a more private space, look no further as they do have that special corner.

private space

Ok, on to the food! Let's start.

Madame's Soup of the Day: Apple & Carrot @$10.90++

Soup was comforting, mildly sweet and akin to buttersquash. Familiar. The garlic bread was really crispy, and very crackly even when doused with soup.

Then, the service staff brought in the salad, Rucola Beef. Menu stated sliced grilled beef, rocket leaves and 'wafu' dressing and topped with fried shallots. Knew that the fried shallots will be the deal clincher in this dish and true enough. My table was happy. Good combination. However, personally felt that it was a tad salty, so this should be good with a beer.

Rucola Beef @$17.90++

Foie gras was next. A really pretty looking one too. The apples and strawberries with maple balsamic vinaigrette seemed to cut down on the richness of the liver. Enjoyable sweet savoury dish.

Pan Seared Foie Gras @$20.90++

And the crowning glory of all appetisers...Da Bacon Bomb! Such a hip sounding name, contrastingly plated with a touch of elegance. Portobello mushroom, with egg in the center, wrapped with bacon and baked to near perfection, served on a bed of potato mousse. Sinful and tasty.

Bacon Bomb @$16.90++

Main course, serving next.

Beef Cheek @$24.90++

It is a drier version of beef cheek. The sauce was listed as red wine sauce, but it had that extra flavour that kept me guessing. So, in terms of that, it was interesting. The beef was firm yet easy to cut.

Duck Confit @$17.90++

Another pretty looking dish! The orange sauce on the plate was such a happy colour. The duck tasted good too. Tender, adequately seasoned and non-greasy feel. Yums.

beckoning for a taste

Next up, was another fowl. Time for some Chicken Roulade. Juicy chunks of chicken meat, lovingly rolled up with crispy outer layer. Don't forget to taste the grilled tomato. Sweet.

Chicken Roulade @$16.90++

Can't live without carbs? No worries. How about a pasta (or two)?

Smoked Duck Linguine @$20.90++
Beef Paccheri @$18.90++

The Beef Paccheri, Madame Patisserie's version, sees the pasta being baked to achieve a smokey flavour. Liked the amount of sauce for both pasta dishes.

One more meat dish to end our main course. Slow roasted lamb shoulder, served with mint sauce. As the knife sinks into the meat, one will know there and then on the texture of this dish. Easy to cut, gentle to chew and each bite brought forth a burst of that nicely cooked lamb flavour. If you like lamb, go for those fattier bits and nearer to the bone. It was good.

Agnello @$26.90++
beautiful bites

How could we leave without sampling its desserts?

Apple Crumble, Vanilla Mousse with Lychee Jelly, and Chestnut and Pear Dome Mousse Cake
crumbly and very sweet
Chestnut and Pear Dome Mousse Cake @$8++

Quite liked the Vanilla Mousse as its inside is more cake-like. Personally, would've preferred real lychees instead of lychee jelly though.

As with a bar, I'd order a drink. Tried its Singapore Sling and was served with a rather touristry version.

Singapore Sling ver 1
They do have a stronger version, and that tasted much better.

Singapore Sling ver 2

Thank you Gordon, for hosting us. Chef Regis for allowing us a glimpse into your culinary journey, and the good folks at Hungrygowhere for your invite. To my dining companions, great meeting you and hope to see you guys again!


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