Monday, April 28, 2014

Miam MIam @ Westgate Jurong East

Located at Level 1 of Westgate. Patronised mostly because wanted to see what's the hype is about.

That day was hot and humid, and we were told that the only seats left for 2 pax, was its outdoor seats. Ok, no problem. Just that, 5 minutes later, my friend commented that he saw a couple whom was ushered inside the restaurant. Hmm, perhaps someone exited? I offered an explanation. Not a chance, he said. And, of course he has a better view of the ongoings since my back was to the entrance. Oh well.

tick your orders

 Menu states minestrone and clam chowder. Order chit states Soup A and Soup B. So I thought Soup B was clam chowder. Apparently, I was wrong again. The waitress said, "Ma'am, Soup B is minestrone. Is that ok?" I said, "Oh, then Soup A is clam chowder?" She smiled and said, "We only have minestrone today." Cool.

minestrone @$5.80++

The small bowl minestrone was not bad. Tangy and light. The bread was likeable too. More butter will be better. Or garlic spread.

Oh, water is chargeable here @50cents++ per glass. Good news. It is refillable.

Souffle Au Curry @$15.50++
spoonful of rice

Ingredients inside the curry souffle was minimalistic. A broccoli at each end. Frankfurter chunks lining its sides, and laying still amongst it all was the heavy japanese rice coated with curry, onions and carrots. Quite a bit of rice. Moist but this is just not my thing. Luckily, it was friend's order.

And, it turns out. Chocolate was not his thing too. So I got the whole valrhona chocolate souffle all for myself.

valrhona chocolate souffle @$13.80++
what you see is what you get

Literally. The molten chocolate that is seen in the picture. Well, that's about it. Inside, it's just chocolate souffle. Souffle that's a tad watery inside.

All food are served piping hot. Though am not impressed, this place does have its fans. Evidently from the weekend crowd.

This meal costs about $42 for 2 pax.


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