Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 12 of Orchard Central. Took the lift to Level 11 and then have to take the escalator to the next level. Reservations via TableDB was conveniently fast.

Visited on a weekday for dinner and it was rather quiet. Got a table with high chair by the window.


view from our table

Their staff was subtly attentive. We were looking quite unsure on whether to put our bags onto the next chair when one female staff quickly descended upon us to offer her help. There's actually a hook underneath the table for light weight bags. Having understood that we are not able to hook the laptop, she requested for another staff to bring us the bag stool. Good service, and customer centric. Nice.

not Asahi Shimbun but Sumiya's paper menu

Having gone through their online menu, it was easy to quickly order our food. But before that, let's quench thirst with a small mug of ice cold beer.

Asahi Draft @$4.90++ (Happy Hour till 8pm)

Let's have potato salad to start. Andy must've quite a sense of humour. What's with the cutesy cherry tomatoes'eyes'? There's the usual hard-boiled egg, mayo, mashed potato and juliened raw onions and cucumbers.

Andy's Potato Salad @$4.50++

For main course, friend ordered the unagi rice which can be enjoyed two ways; as it is and with the dashi added so that it becomes like ochazuke.

Unagi Hitsumabushi @$15++

Portion was smallish, so no worries. One pax can finish it all and still have room for beer. The soup was really light and preferably eaten while still hot.Some wasabi for that bit of a kick! Rice was abit hard though.

with dashi

Also tried the fatty pork yakitori. Too much radish piled onto it. Would've been better if there was more meat. Otherwise, quite interesting texture.

Taki san's fatty pork yakitori @$6++

And the dish that took the longest to arrive, was the grilled salmon collar. Was ok, mildly seasoned.

grilled salmon kama @$9++

Every $50 spent will get a chop on the rewards card. Expect to spend about $30 per pax.

Thank you my friend, for the early birthday treat!


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