Saturday, May 24, 2014

天晴 Appare Udon & Tempura Japanese Restaurant @ Novena Square 2

Located at Level 2 of Square 2. Opened in April 2014, so it is fairly new. The first thing one notices, would be the huge serving bowls for the udon!

Already tried their udon and tempura, so wanted to try something else for this visit. Earlier visit saw teething problems, not unexpected as of newly opened restaurants. During April visit, our food did not come till much later, and we were given a free-piece of tempura. For this visit, the food came out in good speed.

nabeyaki udon @$16.50++
tempura prawns, fish cake, mushroom, peas and raw egg

Had to wait a few minutes to heat up the udon and to cook the raw egg. While waiting for that, my seafood donburi was served.

seafood donburi @$16.50++

There's salmon, tuna, scallops and ikura. The rice was not heavily vinegared and the whole bowl had a homely and mellow feel to it.

plenty of toppings

The donburi came with miso soup.

miso soup

Some service staff are fairly new, and hence could be a bit clueless. However, there was one staff that was pretty attentive to our needs. Tea refilled every so often. Came over to ensure that the raw egg in nabeyaki udon was properly cooked, and even gave a refill for miso soup. Excellent service.

Green tea is complimentary and total bill came up to $19.50 per pax.


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