Saturday, May 17, 2014

Soup Restaurant @ United Square

Located at B1 of United Square. Finding for that escalator to move downwards to basement in United Square took a bit of time.

This restaurant has a lot of secluded corners so there was that bit of privacy, though our corner actually has clear glass that outside can see. Haha!

@Soup Restaurant
typical cover charge

Dinner with two lovely ladies. Ex-colleagues that have known each other for about 7 to 8 years now? How time had passed by so quickly.

Was already 8pm, so decided on 3 dishes to share and a pot of soup.

order chit
chrysanthemum tea (sweetened and refillable)

Service was efficient. Food was delivered in quick succession and tea regularly topped up.

lotus root soup with pork ribs (medium)

For soups, one could order individual portion with various properties. For example, they have 'Healing', 'Strengthening', 'Wellness' type of soups. However, seemed like only lotus root soup has a bigger portion for sharing.

lotus root pork ribs soup (莲藕汤)

Soup was simple and flavourful. Plenty of pork ribs in the pot.

Samsui Ginger Chicken

Steamed white chicken with tender flesh. Lettuce was really sweet and crisp. Best eaten with lots of those yummy ginger. Oily, yes but it is a necessity!

leaf lettuce (油麦菜) with fried dace fish

Usually will order sweet potato leaves (番薯叶) if its in the menu. Decided on something different and friends liked it. Leaf lettuce has that slightly rough feeling but yet still gentle to eat. First time having it with fried dace fish.

hometown fried fish belly (鱼腩)

Loved the thick slices of fried fish belly. Firm and tasty with the simple sauce.

Hearty homely meal with good friends. Thank you guys!


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