Saturday, April 19, 2014

Au Chocolat Bistro @ Marina Bay Sands

Located at Level 1 of MBS (Marina Bay Sands). It can be seen from the Rasapura Food Court if one looked upwards.

chalk board

Was there for brunch before going to the ArtScience Museum. Water is chargeable with choice of sparkling or still. Got ourselves coffee instead.

black coffee @ $6++

nice ceiling

For food, friend had the duck confit while I opted for the King's Breakfast.

duck confit @ $28++

Duck confit was served with mashed potato, pear, baby carrots and wilted spinach. It was not too salty.

King's Breakfast @$26++

Mine consist of scrambled eggs with black truffle, cherry tomatoes, brioche, crispy bacon, sausages, smoked salmon, avocado and tater tots, served with Lurpak butter. The tater tots (hash brown) was nicely crispy and not too oily.

The meal costs about $38 per pax.


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