Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yayoiken @ 313 Somerset

Located at B3 of 313 Somerset. Upon exiting the MRT, enter 313 Somerset and take the escalator down. Friend said that the curry at this place is nice.


Place was quite empty but we were seated right next to this two-seater. As we were there for quite awhile (about 2 hours), we saw the small two-seater changed occupants so frequently as usually they will think twice being seated so close to another table while there are other larger empty ones.

Ordering was a breeze via the self-service electronic pad.

ordering dinner

Prices for a set meal here are between $9.90++ to $26.90++, and green tea is @$1++ refillable. Got myself a buta yakiniku set.

buta yakiniku set @$9.90++

Was rather taken aback by the paleness of the pork slices. It looked better with the sauce drizzled over. Sauce was not too salty, so it was alright to pour everything over the pork slices.

with sauce

There is a bottle of dry pickles on the table, so that was pretty nice. Reminds me of non-spicy sze-chuan pickles. Rice is free-flow. But the rule is, must use the original rice bowl to get the next serving of rice.

yummy pickles

Items that friends ordered:

Yofu Hamburg Set @$15.90++
Tekka Don + Zaru Udon @$17.90++
Hire Katsu Curry Rice @$16.90++

Had a taste of the curry and agreed that it was nice.


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