Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pigsfly Kitchen+Bar @ Goldhill Plaza

This place is like a one-stop solution for food and drinks. There's Thai food, burgers, pizza, kebabs, ice-cream and many labels of beers to choose from.

liking the neverending rows of beers

The place gave a cheery vibe, with young service staff who are eager to offer their recommendations.

Baan Khun Na Thai food menu
drinks/beer menu

Took us quite a while to decide. So many menus to see! Decided to go for Thai food, so we ordered phad thai, chicken wings and springrolls. For drinks, they have Heineken and Erdinger on tap (1 pint for ~$11-$12) but we opted for the beer bucket (6 bottles @$50).

The food arrived pretty quickly but they didn't have stuffed chicken wings anymore, so got that changed to tiny chicken wings.

seafood phad thai
chili flakes, sugar, ground peanuts
soft, moist strands of noodles
translucent prawn

The phad thai was already quite sweet even without mixing the sugar. Likeable taste with slightly moist noodles and plenty of beansprouts. But could do with slightly more seafood.

Warsteiner Premium, Germany (4.8% alcohol)
Konig Ludwig Weissbier, Germany (5.5% alcohol)
Weissbier (German white beer)

Actually, all the German beers that we had that night, all shared the same taste. Heavy in wheat and yeast.

deep fried springroll with Thai chili sauce

The springrolls are actually quite skinny and tiny. But it made a nice munchy companion to all the beers that we were having.

James Boag's Lager, Australia (5% alchohol)

The lager was crisp and light. A good interlude from the German beers.

super tiny and skinny chicken wings but tasty~

Not sure how it was done, but the chicken wings were skinny and tiny. But tasted good. Yummy!

Krombacher Pils, Germany (4.8% alcohol)

The Krombacher Pils had a smooth rounded and fruity/floral taste.

don't forget to drink lots of water

Then, we saw some departing diners walking away with ice-cream. So, we got ourselves some to try.

Latte e Miele
salted butter caramel (left) and strawberry yoghurt (right)
The salted butter caramel, toffee? Hahaa, but loved the strawberry yoghurt. It tasted like..hmm...lollipop!?

Samuel Adams Boston Lager, America (4.9% alcohol)
Samuel Adams Boston Lager, darker colour
Real Belgian Pils (5% alcohol)
Belgian Pils, light golden colour

The place closes at 11pm on a weekday. This meal costs about $88.


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