Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant @ Valley Point (Part II)

Second visit, and this time round during dinner. No difference in menu for both lunch and dinner. The only difference?  Dinner is priced slightly higher than lunch. Dinner surcharge? Also, do note that unagi items seemed to be perpetually unavailable, hence they should just remove it from the menu altogether.

Ordered the usual suspects; sashimi moriawase, shishamo, mushrooms, tebasaki (chicken wings),  beef with special sauce, chawanmushi, fried beansprouts, squid tentacles, tori karaage, makimono, ebi tempura and grilled mackerel with salt.

Shared a plate of  spaghetti with cod roe sauce from the Yoshoku (Japanese-styled western dishes ) section. Taste somewhat similar to fried noodles and strangely addictive. Likeable so we had it twice.

spaghetti with cod roe sauce
close up view of mentaiko pasta

Ordered the tori karaage with wasabi mayo from the agemono (deep fried) section. Well-fried with crispy skin and tender meat. There's crunch with each bite. Yums.

tori karaage with wasabi mayo
yummy bite-sized chicken

Mekajiki or swordfish is not available as sashimi. Only available in nigiri sushi form. The taste was alright, just not as juicy since it's quite thinly sliced.

swordfish sushi
thin slice of swordfish

My friends had the agedashi tofu. Didn't try it but it looked pretty alright with wobbly tofu.

agedashi tofu (with bonito sauce)

Also had the soft-shell crab with wasabi mayo makimono. As nice as previous visit.

soft-shell crab with wasabi mayo makimono (matt-rolled rice)

For sashimi, this was our second round. The first round of salmon and yellow tail weren't as good as the second ones. But the tuna was chewy due to tendons in between of its meat. The yellow tail was fattier in the second round. Nice!

tuna, salmon and yellow tail
looking pretty

For buffet, only hot/cold green tea is free. Any other drinks are chargeable. Expect to pay slightly more than $35 per person for buffet dinner.

We were there to celebrate our friends' birthday (July babies!), so brought a cake from The Patissier.

Happy Birthday, girls!
strawberry shortcake

The cake can be ordered online, so that was pretty convenient. Looked gorgeous but its base was very very hard to cut through. Lots of cream, soft moist cake and lots of strawberry bits in between.Sweet.

Here's a link to first visit.


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