Thursday, July 19, 2012

La Villa @ River Valley Road (Part II)

Was there on a rainy weekend afternoon. Decided to pop in for lunch since the rain was too heavy for anyone to go anywhere else on foot without getting wet.

rainy day

Having tasted their excellent Angel hair Pasta with Lobster Ragout ‘Sardinia’ style before, so decided to have pasta again this time round. Ordered the Spaghetti Pasta with mixed Seafood in Squid-ink sauce.

Was actually pleasantly surprised when they brought out three different types of bread even when I'm lunching alone. Liked the white bread the most. Its inside was soft and fluffy when warm. The brown bread tasted fragrant with nutty flavours.

warm breads
favourite bread

The spaghetti was ready in just minutes after I've munched on some breads. Opted for the small portion.

seafood spaghetti in squid ink

chockful of ingredients

closer view

The sauce was nicely thick and not too salty. Many small bits of seafood inside including mussels, clams, prawns, crab meat and squid. The sauce was also tangy (from the tomatoes?) and full of flavours from the sea. However, a not so fresh seafood was detected amongst all the gems in the plate marred the experience a little. Otherwise, this could potentially be the second favourite pasta dish, right behind the Capelini with Lobster Ragout. Unfortunate, indeed.

Though it was a cold day, the good service received from staff really warmed the heart. Was welcomed by the each staff that happened to have eye contact with both upon entrance and also when leaving. While eating, there was an irritating fly that was buzzing around so one attentive staff came over to place a tealight on the table and then he also tried to chase the offending creature away. Hehe.

There's carpark rebate if you're driving. There's also a 15% discount if you're paying via Standard Chartered credit card.

Here's a link to first visit.


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