Saturday, July 21, 2012

PappaMia @ River Valley Road

Located at 429 River Valley Road, it's a corner shop with huge signboard so it's easy to spot.

from across the street

It serves local food such as Ipoh kway teow soup, char kway teow, laksa, toast bread, soft boiled egg etc in a cafe setting. It also has western fares such as burgers, sausages, steaks, chicken chops etc from Botak's. For drinks, expect the usual hainan kopi, teh, beers, to the unusual cucumber drink.

bar @ Level 2

It's a pretty laid back shop, with outdoor and indoor seatings.

lunch deals

For draught beer, Stella Artois goes  for $10 nett per pint or $8 nett for half pint.

Service was pretty nonchalant as well. Items that they no longer serve such as sandwiches were still in the menu. Ended up ordering fish otah with toast bread, and cheese fries to munch. For drinks, we had ice lemon tea and honey lemon.

ice-lemon tea ($2.80++)
lemon honey ($3.50++)
cheese fries ($7++), fish otah with hainan toast bread ($5.90++)
chunky cheese fries
hmm, wrong cheese?

First time having cheese fries with non oozy cheese, and it costs $7++ for that. Should just skip this. The otah on the other hand, was not bad.

fish otah, steamed
crunchy toasted bread

Ate the otah like a bruschetta. Break a small piece of the toast and spread some otah on it before popping the tasty morsel into the mouth. Nice.

Here's the link to second visit.


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