Monday, July 23, 2012

Kitchenette Bottleshop.Bakery.Bistrot @ Goldhill Plaza

Located at Goldhill Plaza, right next door to Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar. Was there on a Friday evening and business was brisk.

breads and pastries

Had made prior reservations so our small group was quickly led to our table upstairs which to my surprise, looked like it was meant for a larger group. Didn't read too much into it, so we sat down. Service was quick and water was served while we browsed the menu. After some minutes, we were asked if we could shift downstairs so that a larger group could take our table. Hmm, we were ok with that so we moved downstairs. Unfortunately, it was very warm there as the airconditioning wasn't in its best condition that night and Joel acknowledged that. So, we requested to be seated upstairs whenever possible. In the end, Joel and his team did manage to squeeze out a small corner upstairs for us. Thank you for the effort.

Went back upstairs and placed our orders. Bread basket was served while waiting for food to arrive. Tap water is available too.

bread basket with a small slab of butter
two types of bread to try while waiting for food

For appetiser, we tried the escargot. Had forgotten how tiny escargots really are. Should eat while these are warm as the cheese hardened pretty quickly. The escargot itself was tender and not too chewy.

half a dozen escargot
cheese, herbs and snail
just the right texture

For mains, we ordered different items. First to arrive, was the duck confit. The skin was nicely crispy,  crackling and flavourful but its meat was a tad dry at some parts. However, the mashed potatoes was superbly buttery. Yums.

Confit de Canard
crispy skin and very very tasty mashed potatoes

Braised Beef Cheek was one item that was personally anticipated. The meat was well braised with flavours fully absorbed, and very tender. A joy to eat.

Braised Beef Cheek
beautiful chunk of tender flavoursome meat

Next, was the Atlantic Sea Bass. Thought it was a good size to have a meal with. The meat was rather succulent and fatty. Slurps. Though the skin was crispy and fragrant but unfortunately, it was overly salted.

Atlantic Sea Bass
meaty meaty
a little pink at its center

This meal costs about $76 and good for three pax.


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