Saturday, July 28, 2012

De Burg @ Bukit Merah

Located at Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, this eatery is really near the office. Near like walking distance near, or if you like, two bus stops away. So it made sense to drop by to try, especially after it has been featured in a local tv programme, so decided to see what's the fuss about.

stall front
indoor or alfresco seats

Most of the coffeeshop tables are four-seaters, so if you're going in a larger group then it'll be good to make reservations. Their email response was really fast. Was impressed.


It's self-service so just take the menu from the plastic holder in front of the cashier, decide what to eat then proceed to cashier to order and to pay. Then, you'll be given a device that'll buzz when the food is ready for collection.


Quite a good number of choices for burgers; The Signature/Celebrity Burgers, then there are the usual beef, lamb and pork burgers that one can choose between 100gms or 200gms patty. For 200gms patty, you'll have a choice of 2 sides (salad, chips, tater tots or ranch beans). For 100gms patty, by default it'll be served with chips.

Allow at least 15 minutes for cooking time. If you're part of a larger group and there are many burgers to cook, then the waiting time would be much longer as the burgers for the entire group ought to be ready at the same time for collection.

Certain items may not be available on your day of visit, so there's a whiteboard behind the cashier that displays those items.

Ok, back to the food.

De Burg Decadence, with extra side orders of chicken wings and onion rings
onion rings
chicken wings

Just realised how sinful all these deep fried stuffs are! Chicken wings were crispy but felt that the meat seemed to be somewhat lacking in flavour. No matter, as there're chili, mustard and tabasco sauces available, should one prefers it.

ready for some 'burgasm'?
De Burg Decadence - pièce de résistance
bun, mayo ring, greens, tomato, portobello mushroom, crispy bacon, melted cheese, Aus wagyu beef patty 200gms, bbq ring, bun
eat me
 juicy wagyu patty

The burger was good. First bite, soft bun with crispy bottom. Chew and savour mild sweetness of bread, crisp fresh greens and tomato slice bursting with juice. Second bite, a hint of smoky bitterness from portobello, very moist and flavourful beef patty contrasted by crunchy crispy bacon. Yums.

glistening crispy bacon

When oil started dripping out of the burger, it was inevitable that the mind would be forced to evaluate whether it was worth all the calories and fats. So in times of emotional turmoil over the want to continue eating versus the logic to stop, guess it's time to munch on some greens while the battle rages.

fresh greens
nicely salted fries

Eventually, without knowing it, it was almost down to the last bite...

nom nom nom

The wagyu burger is only available on Fridays and weekends and in limited quantity.

For ladies or small eaters, a 100gms burger is actually quite filling (considering the chips and a drink). This meal was shared between 2 pax and we were stuffed.


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