Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wine BOS Lounge @ East Coast Road, Katong Village

This is one hidden place. Unless, if you're a frequent visitor to Katong Village. I didn't know there's a Katong Village till we got here. There's a carpark here as well, but my friend said the parking here is quite pricey. Had been to Wine BOS at Jalan Klapa, so this one here feels nicer. Well, nicer because the chairs that we sat on for that night al-fresco style, was still nicely cushioned...

entrance and blackboard of specials
we were here

We started the night with a Riesling, Deinhard Green Label (Germany).

Deinhard Green Label Riesling (alcohol: 10.5%)
light golden hue

The Riesling tasted light, fruity and refreshing, with a slight mineral finish. Mild sweetness. Quite likeable.

Then, we had a red wine, Ramon Roqueta Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain.

red and spicy (alcohol: 14%)
Spanish wine
nice deep dark red hue

But I have my doubts of having red wine served at room temperature in our Singapore climate. For most literature that I've come across thus far, the recommended serving temperature of reds is between 60-65 degrees Farenheit, which translates to roughly 18-19 degrees Celcius. The night time temperature for June is about 26-29 degrees Celcius. Personally, I'd like my wines no matter red or whites, to be served chilled.

Ok, back to the 2010 Ramon Roqueta Cabernet Sauvignon. It was rather spicy and aromatic.

By this time, we decided to have some food. It was a toss between good old chicken wings or calamari. Either or. So, calamari it was.

deep fried calamari

The deep fried calamari was nicely tender and goes well with the mayo sauce, and the wine of course. Munch munch sip sip.

Final bottle, was a Amesbury Estate Moscato Gold 2011 from Australia.

sweet wine (alcohol: 9.5%) Amesbury Estate (Australia)

Pleasant, quite sweet and has a smooth ripe taste.

We paid about $26 per pax (group of 4 pax).


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