Monday, June 4, 2012

Zhou's Kitchen 周庄 @ Novena Square 2

Located at Level 1 of Square 2, this place looked pretty small. On the weekend day of our visit, the restaurant doesn't seemed to be ready for its 6pm start of evening service as some staff were seen to have just started to clean up the front section of the restaurant. Probably the tea-time crowd was hectic? Not sure.

booth seats
view for 2 pax seats

For 2 pax dining option, they have two set menus (Chef's Recommended Set and Tasty Set) available and both priced at about $28++. For set menu meals, one can get appetiser, soup, fish, vegetable and dessert. Quite a good variety, if you ask me. However, my dining companion was more keen on ala-carte dishes so we didn't get any set menus.

ala-carte menu

As the usual practice in most Chinese restaurants, a small plate of peanuts or such would be placed on the table. Here, we get pickles. The vinegared fruits and vegetables slices/juliennes/shreds tasted quite nice.

pickles 酸菜

We also ordered pu-er chinese tea for drinks and it came served in a metal pot.

tea pot

For food, we ordered steamed sea bass, crispy roasted chicken (half) and stir fried kai lan with sambal. The service was pretty fast, as the food started to arrive in approximately 10 minutes after our orders were taken. Also liked that the service staff will verify the orders once more with you, after it was keyed into the system.

The crispy roasted chicken came first.

crispy roasted chicken (half) @$16++
flavored salt
closer view of yummy chicken

The chicken was quite yummy with its thin crispy skin and tender moist meat, especially the thigh and ribs part. Yums!

stir fried kai lan with sambal
closer view of vegetables
white rice

The vegetable wasn't spicy actually. Just fragrant with the sambal and goes quite well with rice. The surprise dish was the fish, as I wasn't really expecting a milky broth from that dish.

steamed seabass
closer view of steamed fish

Liked how the fish meat was already deboned and placed back on the serving dish to resemble the fish body. There were tofu cubes below the fish meat. The fish was alright although there was a slight fishy taste to it. However the preserved vegetables were kind of too salty to be eaten so we skipped those.

Service was generally alright, although one dish from someone else's table got sent over to ours after we had finished our meal.

We paid $26+ per pax (after 20% off for Tunglok card holder members birthday month discount).


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