Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bar Bar Black Sheep @ Bukit Timah

Located at Cherry Avenue, this place always seemed to have a crowd on both occassion of visit. The concept is pretty simple; it has three stalls offering Indian, Thai and Western fare. Food and beer/wine. Good combi, yes?

the Thai and western food stalls

It was post dinner when we visit, so we got some light bites to go with beer. The food was from Smok'Inn Frogz Kitchen. Had onion rings and fish fingers. Can't remember the exact prices but each were below $10. Yep, they were deep fried and very oily.

onion rings, served with ketchup
onion rings close up view
fish fingers, served with fries and tartar sauce
fish fingers and fries

The onion rings got soggy pretty fast. Had better ones elsewhere. The fish fingers were a little burnt, the batter was thicker than expected and the fish meat was soft. The fries were alright though.

Had a funny incident with the beer. Ordered a jug of Kronenbourg Blanc and the guy delivered to us, and we paid. He came back with the change. And after a few minutes, we realized we didn't have any glasses to pour out the beer. Hahaa! The guy forgot to bring us some.

finally, glasses for beer
a jug of Blanc @$25

Payments are in cash terms. This place opens till late.


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