Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tring313 Food Trail 2015 @ 313 Somerset

Once more, had the opportunity to take part in a food trail. This time round, the location was at 313 Somerset. Coincidentally, all the stops in the trail were shops that I have yet to try. WoOOhoo! If you'd like to read more about previous food trails' experience, simply click on these: Waterfront @ Riverside Point, Bugis+, Bugis Junction, and Liang Court. The most hectic one would be 11 stations within 6 hours with about 15 bloggers. For the Somerset 313 food trail, there was about 11 of us with 7 food stops.

Tring313 Food Trail (version) 2015, at 313 Somerset started from morning 11am and lasted till about 4pm. Slurped and ate our way through Soup Stock Tokyo, Chabuton, O'ma Spoon, Pie Face, Chir Chir Chicken, Dinata and Hvala Waffle Bar. Yup, ended up with a super full stomach and probably thousands of calories combined!

Tring313 Food Trail 2015 at 313 Somerset #wealwaysshare

If you would like to enjoy great offers while at 313 Somerset, why not try the Tring313 app? It's free to download from App Store and Play Store.

Tring313 app

What is in store for you? Well, it offers latest exclusive promotions from 313 Somerset retailers like clothing brands and of course, food! What kind of promotion? Here's a glimpse:

that's like 40% off from Chir Chir Chicken!
oh no, just missed the offer from O'ma Spoon.. needa wait for next round
cool, that's like buy a pie and get a free drink
yummy singleton waffles for half price? That's insane

Watch out for the upcoming reviews on the above mentioned places. Till then, take care and enjoy the weekend!

Special thanks to 313 Somerset and all respective shops for hosting us. Thank you Alvin for the invitation and Gel for accompanying us throughout.

Read about the experience at Soup Stock Tokyo , Chabuton, O'ma Spoon Korean Dessert Cafe, Pie Face, Chir Chir Chicken, Dinata and Hvala Waffle Bar.


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