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Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant @ Jubilee Square Ang Mo Kio

Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant is located at Level 2 of Jubilee Square, which is about 12 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. A Japanese restaurant in the heartlands with omakase option? Nice. Was invited to try some of the items from its menu. The restaurant itself is compact and cosy. If you would like to make a reservation for a private room, they do have one as well.

counter seats
private room

Fresh seafood is flown in from Tsukiji Market every Tuesdays and Fridays. Chef/Owner will determine if the shipment requires adjustment and the delivery will be as frequent as 3 times a week, depending on demand.

fresh fish on display

For starters, we had the Kagoshima wagyu tataki. Gorgeous marbling of beef, nicely laid out on a plate. It tasted good on its own. The dipping sauce gave it a light tanginess. Overall, good fatty mouthfeel that does not overwhelm.

wagyu tataki @$26.80++

Next appetiser, was in a liquid form. Negima mushi. Even without knowing what was inside the clear broth, the essence of fish was rather apparent. Steamed in a ceramic container akin to chawanmushi, the tuna belly and slightly scorched leek were able to retain its taste. Enjoyable for fish lovers. Negima mushi is currently available with the $100 omakase set. Do request from the service staff if you would like to try it ala-carte.

Negima mushi @$15++

Next up, was the Wagyu Sukiyaki. Hotpot seemed to be popular amongst the ladies! Plenty of vegetables, mushrooms and tofu in the sweet soy based broth.

Wagyu Sukiyaki @$25.80++
closer view
let's get started

Also tried the Yuzu Tebasaki, which are basically yuzu flavoured salt grilled chicken mid-wings. Well seasoned and great with beer or sake. Or, green tea if you must. Chef managed to churn out still juicy wings with golden brown skins with some charred bits. Charming.

Yuzu Tebasaki @$6.80++ per stick
Next, was a dish that was the centerpiece of our table. The very beautiful sashimi platter with an additional order of itoyori fish (golden thread) @$38++. Itoyori is a kind of threadfin bream with firm flesh.

Sashimi platter with Itoyori (Golden Thread) @$158++
premium fresh ingredients

Liked the freshness of everything on that platter. Uni was so sweet and fresh. Hotate and hamachi used to be my favourite, but there was a snapper-like flesh with specks of silver on its skin that was so good. Firm texture similar to mekajiki but not as dense. Slightly sweet too. Yums.

For mains, one could try the wagyu don. The bowl came without much sauce though but this allowed the natural flavours of the beef to be more apparent. I could even taste the lightly caramelized fragrance of the onions. The soft boiled egg is served in a side dish.

Wagyu Don @$24.80++
Wagyu don is a substantial dish that will fill up the belly. Would be perfect if they have a less rice option for the small eaters. The wagyu don is value-for-money as its price point is similar to wagyu tataki but with rice and an egg.

mix in the egg for a silky smooth coating
If you really feel like splurging (and don't want to share your sashimi), there is the Premium Chirashi Don to order. Beautifully laid out with premium seafood such as a huge botan ebi, uni, toro and so much more.

Premium Chirashi Don @$31.80++

look at that gorgeousness

If rice is not your thing, then how about ramen? A simple bowl of comforting ramen with pork and onsen egg. While the soup may look reddish, it was actually not that spicy. Wonder why it is called Zaku Ramen though. Maybe related to Gundam?

Zaku Ramen @$14.80++

Sometimes, I like to order sushis for dinner. Nowadays, I will usually opt for aburi sushis as it gives more flavour. The aburi sushi at Haru Haru comes in a set of 6 sushi. Salmon mentaiyaki, mekajiki, maguro, ika, ebi and hotate.

Aburi Sushi @$23.80++
If you prefer maki, then Haru Sushi Roll might appeal to you. A colourful roll with of bright orange and beautifully plated. Good sized, tasty and has lots of things going on in there. For salmon and mayo fans too.

Haru Roll @$14.80++
Haru Roll

Special thanks to Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant for hosting the dinner, and Alvin for the invitation. To the earnest staff in the restaurant, thank you for your service. To new friends that night, see you again!

Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant

Location: 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #02-03, Jubilee Square
Contact: 6451 3201


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