Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nickeldime Drafthouse @ Novena

"Let's see what they have, over there." Friend suggested after a heavy dinner at Hong Kong Street. Looked over and saw the word "B E E R". Grinned at my friend and said, "Let's have a drink."

That was how we got acquainted with Nickeldime, with bright neon lights and all.

went towards the lights
da bao beer?

The 15 beers on tap are flashed on-screen. Or, just let Frank know whether you'd like 'em sour, salty, or sweet. I mentioned sweet, so he recommended Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. Tasted nutty, slight sweetish hints of hazelnut with an almost lingering bitter aftertaste.

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Subsequent visit, we went for Sapporo draft. Nothing beats ice cold beer on a warm night. Frank is seriously friendly, and he introduced a couple of Japanese craft beers to try.

Sapporo 1-for-1 during Happy Hour (before 7pm)

My personal favourite was this bottle of Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde. This is a lager/pilsner beer and very drinkable. Tasted pretty yeasty, slightly citrussy, a bit floral with hints of sweetness and dry. Yums.

Nippon Craft Beer - Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde

Next up, from the same brewery we tried the Kagua Blanc. Hmm, this guy was a bit more lemoney. Very much lime-wheat kind of drink. Refreshing.

Nippon Craft Beer - Kagua Blanc
 Interestingly, there's a Kagua Rouge. A pair of craft beer. Crafty.

Nippon Craft Beer - Kagua Rouge

With a deep colour similar to Tokyo Blonde, but Kagua Rouge had a very distinctive aroma to it.  And its perfume-like aroma was something that's light, and somewhat sweet. Said to pair well with food, but we've yet to try. Was always after dinner nearby, so no more space for food.

And for the daring, you may want to try the sour beer. Salty and pungent sounds more apt. Really. Sour beer is said to be up-and-coming 'in' thing to drink, but one sip for me is enough. Thanks, but no thanks. An acquired taste, but hey, it sure was interesting.

only know this as 'sour beer' but am pretty sure it has its proper name. Definitely not a Japanese beer

In just a few weeks' time, sometime in August, be sure to visit Nickeldime for its new addition to the bar. Cheers!

Nickeldime Drafthouse

Address: 273 Thomson Rd, #01-06 Novena Gardens, Singapore 307644
Contact: 6256 0261


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