Tuesday, July 21, 2015

D'Zerts Cafe @ 30 Jalan Pari Burong

Where on earth is Jalan Pari Burong? Somewhere near Tanah Merah, it seems. So journey to the East, it was for that weekend. D'Zerts Cafe signage can be seen clearly from the main road. As I was travelling from the western part, the vehicle will then be at the opposite side of this stretch of shophouses. D'Zerts Cafe is next to a restaurant called Big Eater.

sounds yummy

plushies crowding the desserts counter

one of the more unique shaped cake

Not sure who is Bert, but apparently he makes/sells waffles here. Here's a shot of waffles menu:

gelato toppings for waffles

For drinks, they have a variety of flavoured tea bags available, usually drunk hot. Requested for iced/cold tea since the weather was so hot!

iced flavoured tea @$4
freshly squeezed orange juice @$3.50

Tried the waffles and cakes. Waffles was nicely crisp on the outside and fluffy on its inside.

salted caramel with waffles (without sauce) @$9.90

One could get one type of sauce to drizzle ontop of the gelato when having the waffles. For example, salted caramel sauce, maple syrup, earl grey etc.

cookie & cream (back) and sesame (front) with earl grey sauce @$13.70

Of all the gelatos that we tried, the mango one was the best. Best in taste, best in retaining its shape. Salted caramel melted too quickly and flavour was rather thin. The earl grey sauce was good. The matcha gelato was enjoyable with thick green tea flavour.

added matcha gelato and salted caramel sauce

The cakes were pretty good too. Enjoyed the cheesecake and matcha latte. Sweetness level, just nice.

matcha latte (@$5) and cheesecake with salted caramel sauce (@$6)

If you're nearby that area, then D'Zerts Cafe is a place that you can consider to drop by for a slice of cake with coffee, or to enjoy a very simple waffle with gelato.


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