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Balinese BBQ and Seafood Buffet @ Spice Brasserie | Parkroyal on Kitchener Road

Think of Bali, and vivid imagery of an island surrounded by beautiful beaches, luxurious villas with private pool, or cafe overlooking paddy fields might come to mind. And when one talks about Balinese food, it is usually about seafood BBQ by the beach, or the Babi Guling at the warungs. Yes, not forgetting the urap and the spicy sambals too.

For the few that have yet to set foot to Bali, or if you are simply missing the deliciousness of Bali, read on further. The chance to savour Balinese food is here! The good folks at Spice Brasserie at Parkroyal on Kitchener Road are running its Balinese BBQ and Seafood Dinner buffet from now till 12 September 2015. Savour delicacies such as Grilled Lobster in Coconut, Clam Satay, Cumi Cumi Lsi (stuffed squid), Ikan Bakar, Crab Bakar and Babi Guling amongst the many offerings at its dinner buffet every Thursdays till Saturdays. Priced at $50++ per adult, or in conjunction with SG50 promotion, pay just $78++ for two adults.

BBQ and sambals go hand-in-hand
grill stations

Let's start with some BBQ seafood. Diners get to pick their live seafood and have the chefs grill it. Not often do we get that chance at buffets, right?

mussels and lalas
gong gong (clam/conch)
First time having BBQ'ed mussels, and it was downright delicious! Smokey flavour, and fresh sweet salty flesh.

grilled brown mussels
smokey briny clam
The gonggongs texture were firmer, clean tasting and with an enjoyable chew. Chef divulged that these babies were not salted, so we could enjoy eating it at natures best. Quite fun to pick its flesh with a satay stick.

conch meat

Lovely start to our Balinese feast. The shellfish were all enjoyable and good to be eaten on its own. If you prefer to have it spicy, there are about 16 types of sambal dips for you to choose from. Talk about spoilt for choice!

If shellfish is not your thing, there are still plenty of options at the buffet spread.

cold seafood

Indian food spread
Balinese food spread

I think I have sort of attained some 'enlightment' of buffet styled feasting. Ate my way rather conservatively with some sampling from cold seafood section (by the way, the cold prawns were big, firm and sweet~), then proceeded to try the grilled fish and chicken (ikan bakar, ayam bakar) and cumi cumi. Oh my, the marinade on the grilled chicken was so delicious! Combination of sweet, savoury with that charred smokey flavour was so good. Chef said kampung chickens are used as it is more flavourful.

ikan bakar and ayam bakar
cumi cumi (grilled squid)

The BBQ squid was cooked just right. One could taste the freshness of this seafood. The glaze was sweet savoury. Good to be eaten as it is.

ketam bakar (grilled crab)
udang bakar (grilled prawns)

Found another gem amongst the buffet items. Braised intestines in dark soy sauce and sambal petai goreng. WooO! Took these and ate it with nasi kuning. Such a good meal.

loving it

Of course, was holding out for the highlight of the night. The Babi Guling. The man, whom made all these happen, Chef Low Hoe Kiat was on-hand to share with us his stories (and also some recipes). He chose to use piglets that are around 6 to 7 months old for its meat would be tender. The pig is then rubbed and stuffed with a concoction of spices and left to marinate for two days. After which, it is then spit-roasted under his watchful eyes to tender perfection.

slow roast

Think this is the only place where one could eat as much suckling pig as one would like to without having to break the bank.

babi guling (suckling pig) served with cooked nangka lemak

The suckling pig was seriously tender. Seasoned just right and no gamey porky aftertaste. The crackling is not those super crispy type but it has a good smokey flavour to it.  First time having cooked nangka and it tasted very sweet, very rich. Chef says it is typically eaten with nasi kuning (yellow rice), with sambal and some vegetables.

Was in meat heaven for that moment.

For drinks, have a try of Spice Brasserie's version of non-alcoholic mojito. Tasted like a glass of refreshing ginger ale.

non-alcoholic mojito (ala-carte order)
For those who likes desserts, here are some pictures. Only managed to try the durian pengat and muah chee. Was too stuffed with food to eat anymore!

assortment of cakes
all time favourite and must eat - durian pengat
the 'roll-it-yourself' muah chee

One could have the durian pengat as it is, or make it into a durian chendol!

durian chendol - shaved ice with sweetened corn, coconut milk, gula melaka and generous scoop of pengat

For the month of June and July, Spice Brasserie would be donating 0.5% of their total sales proceeds to four local charities: AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens, Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Melrose Home and Singapore Cheshire Home, under the Pan Pacific Hotel Groups' "Eat Well with Us" initiative.

for a good cause

Special thanks to Cleo for the invite and Chef Low for spending time with us. The man has over 20 years of experience in the industry and he is passionate about bringing fresh quality produce to the buffet table.

Spice Brasserie @ Parkroyal On Kitchener Road

Address: 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533
Contact: +65 6428 3000


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