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Brewerkz @ Riverside Point

Was invited to Brewerkz at Riverside Point, Boat Quay recently. Last visit to this outlet was during my first food trail ever, way back in 2011. A quick link here. It is about time to get re-acquainted.

Along with its craft beers, Brewerkz serves up American-styled cuisine in a functional space that shouts of  testosterone and sporty feel. The screens were showing American football and NBA while we were there. Atmosphere was boisterous, as expected.

The place was rather busy on a weekday night. Seems like everyone needed a drink after a hard day at work. So drink up. Responsibly of course. Heard that its microbrewery is capable of producing lots more so no worries, our throats are never parched while we are here.

yes, please
SG50 promo

Ever wanted to try all of Brewerkz signature and seasonal beers but worry about calories and all? Good news, just get the beer sampler @$14++ where you can have 4 glasses of 125ml beer.

beer sampler of 14 beers
On hindsight, don't get all 14 at one go unless its shared amongst say, 6 pax. It gets warm pretty fast in our climate.

The full sampler has this combination:
Front row: golden ale, hopback, wheat beer, jubilee lager, pilsner
Second row: single hop - lemondrop, steam beer, irish red, black raspberry,  brown ale
Last row: IPA, oatmeal stout, Xipa and black pig (with highest percentage of alcohol)
from light to dark. Front row (left to right): pilsner, golden jubilee, wheat beer and hopback

Common beer profile - its bitter aftertaste. Some lingers longer than the other. For example, steam beer appeared light and mild (almost can taste the water) but has a very strong lingering bitter aftertaste. Even its black raspberry which has a fruity raspberry flavour and perfume, has that strong bitter finish. Still a man's drink, masked with some genteelness. The most outstanding taste profile, was the oat meal stout. Which surprisingly, tasted more of like a good 'ol strong coffee made even stronger by alcohol.

Thou shall not drink with an empty stomach. So let's bring the food out~

For group gatherings, let's start with a huge-ass bowl of soba noodle salad. It was a pretty good bowl of tasty salad. Asian flavoured, with crispy strips for that texture contrast, fresh leaves and lots of good sized teriyaki chicken strips. Half-sized of this bowl can be a main course for me!

soba noodle salad @$23++
If salad is not your thing, how about meat skewers? Loved it! Maybe because this place is American-styled, the skewers felt like an upsize from normal asian satays/yakitori. Look at those firm meat, with good layers of fats that's been grilled to a sizzling drip. Flavourful on its own.

chipotle pork belly satay @$14++
Other appetisers included buffalo wings and mussels. The hot buffalo wings are not spicy actually.

mussels with in-house made bread
hot buffalo wings @$18++

If you are really, really into meat, then go all out for the 3 Big Pigs. A platter of baby back ribs, crispy crackling pork knuckle and kielbasa sausages. Served with sauerkraut and mashed potato.

3 Big Pigs @$90++
The knuckle required quite a bit of strength to cut through but it was worthed the effort. Moist meat yet firm and that crackling of a skin with a thin layer of fats underneath. Yummy. The sausages were easy to eat and none of those overpowering herbs. The ribs were fork tender and reminiscent of asian flavours.

Did someone ask for more beer? How about the Jubilee Lager, that is currently being paired with asian inspired satay seafood angel hair pasta for just $25++ during lunch hour.

Jubilee Lager
satay seafood angel hair pasta

For the cowboys in us, there is a matching Cowboy Burger. Oozing with masculinity (especially with that knife skewered right in the heart of the handmade minced patty. Bam!

Cowboy Burger @$24++
peek-a-boo! beef patty topped with bacon and melted cheddar cheese

Ah, I think we were supposed to put in the raw stuffs of lettuce, tomato and onion slices into the bun but who remembers that when the patty was calling out to us? No time, man! That side of sweet potato fries was distracting too. Can't stop eating that.

potato fries should go with ketchup, even if it is truffled. No?

To wind down from all the drinks and food frenzy, what did we do? We ate somemore! Desserts time.

chocolate fudge cake @$14++
oreo ice-cream cake @$14++
warm brownie @$14++

The ones that we got were all good. Thought we could eat no more, but the desserts were devoured in no time. My favourite desserts that night? Warm brownie stacked with ice-cream that didn't melt too fast and further topped with honeycomb. The sweetness levels were upped seemingly in its stacked order from low to high.

Many thanks to our host, Adora for introducing the many flavours of Brewerkz. The hardworking staff whom took care of our table, and HGW for the invite. The friends; Weighty Man, Running Man, The Arctic Star, that dined together that night, thank you too.

Brewerkz @ Riverside Point

Location: 30 Merchant Road, #01-05/06 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Contact: (65) 6438 7438


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