Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jai Thai @ Clover Way

Went to this place via car. Quite out of the way, if you ask me. Visited on a Friday night at about 7+, and there were still seats available.

Ordered the Family Set B (@$39++), and it consists of tom yum soup (red), fish cakes (4 pieces), fried tilapia fish in thai chili sauce, fried mixed vegetables (carrots, cabbage and leafy greens) and fried chicken with cashew nuts. The set comes with 4 plates of plain rice, and can be changed to pineapple/olive rice at an extra $1.50 per plate. The set doesn't come with any drinks, so we ordered thai iced tea and iced lemon tea.

welcoming pillar adorned with certficates and awards
fried chicken with cashew nut
olive rice.. no, those are not uni! not sure what it was actually....
tom yum soup
seafood tom yum soup with fried fish

Overall, the food was nice. I liked the tom yum soup best! But it needs to be drunk while it is still hot. The pineapple rice fared better than the olive rice. Olive rice was a little too hard. Pineapple rice has more flavor to it, though a little sweet. But plain rice goes well with all the dishes too. Soft and fluffy rice. Yums!


The chicken with cashew nut was only so-so. The chicken pieces were thin and not meaty, and the cashew nuts found were far and few...Stir fried vegetables were nice and has enough 'wok-hei' but can be oily. The fishcake texture was very nice. Bouncy and chewy. The fried fish with chili sauce is non-fiery. It was quite sweet.

sorry, forgot to take picture while it was still in 1 piece...
thai iced tea
Service was adequate, although they forgot our drinks initially. Set B can feed 3-4 people comfortably. We paid about $16 per pax for this meal.


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