Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Fat Cat Bistro @ Jalan Riang

The Fat Cat Bistro was featured in a popular local magazine recently, so we were inspired to try a new place for our weekly dinner. From Lorong Chuan MRT (meeting point), drive along the road and turn right into Jalan Girang. After which, at the next first turning, turn into another part of Jalan Girang again (the signboard says it's that road name....), after which drive straight and, turn right into Jalan Riang. The place is bright and chirpy and easily recognizable.

table settings and bar view

They have 3 food partners; Thai Yai (Thai food), Tiffin (North Indian food) and Flamin' Grills (western). We ordered naan and mutton curry from Tiffin, and the rest are mostly from Flamin' Grills. Didn't get anything from Thai Yai, because we just had Thai food last week. Happy hour (or as they call it, puuurfect hour) ends at 730pm (weekday). So make your drinks order from The Fat Cat Bar, pronto!

I had the Long Island Tea ($12 after happy hour, $10 during). Suffice to say, it gave me enough buzz for that one hour.

Long Island Tea
colourful cutlery basket
mutton curry

The mutton curry was flavorful and the meat fork tender. Enjoyable, flavorful, not very spicy and not too oily. Served with pappadum as well.

For the meat main course from Flamin' Grills, it is served with 2 complements (side dish). We chose baby carrots, broccoli, mashed potato, baked potato and french fries. My friends had grilled chicken and grilled dory fish.

grilled dory with baby carrots and mashed potato
grilled chicken with huge broccoli, and baked potato

Though the baby carrots were sweet, I didn't like it because it was rather soggy and limp. We were quite surprised by the broccoli, certainly a very generous portion of vege!

My striploin came last. It looked good. Thick cut of meat, served with cream spinach and french fries.

striploin steak, medium rare

looked juicy from the outside
cream spinach

But the first sign of trouble, was the difficulty in cutting through the meat. The doneness was also uneven as some parts are medium and other parts more rare than medium rare. As a result, the meat was very chewy. Hence, when the friendly kitchen staff came to enquire, this was feedback accordingly. Immediately, he asked if I would like to have the dish changed. I declined and told him to just take it as a feedback for improvement.

But I think he went back to the kitchen to report to his boss and soon, another gentleman came over to understand the issue, and to offer an explanation. Once more, he too kindly offered a replacement order. I wanted to decline again, as I had already finished 60-70% of the dish but he kindly insisted that I should get a better experience from my visit. He offered to change it to ribeye, as he assured me that this cut would be more tender. I was impressed by their generosity and swiftness in handling a customer feedback. =)

The ribeye fared better, and it was also gentler to the jaw. I liked the cream spinach, as it was soft (but not too mushy) and healthy tasting. Generous portions as well. Another thing worth mentioning, was that the friendly Flamin' Grill staff came by again to check if I was happy with the meat. Certainly made me feel cared for as a customer. Keep up the good service!

For desserts, we had the chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Sweet ending to our meal. Overall, an enjoyable experience and a good place to chill. The prices are certainly wallet friendly. We paid about $23 per pax (incl. of 1 alcoholic drink)


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