Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barcelos @ Novena Square 2

Located at Level 2 of Novena Square 2. We were there at about 1+pm, and there was a  sign that states something similar to "Please wait here before seated." So we waited, but no one bothered to attend to us. Hence, the advise is just to saunter right in and be visible, and request to be seated. At our point of visit, Barcelos was probably just one fourth occupied.

We went in a party of 6 pax, so we were seated at some remote corner. This area has lower chances of a service staff passing by. Anyway, we ordered a family pack (1 chicken with 4 sides @$49.95++), and a quarter chicken meal (1/4 chicken with 2 sides @$13.90++). For drinks, we ordered soft drinks and iced-lemon tea (@$2.25++).

ice lemon tea (non-refillable)
serving plate

We were asked to choose the marination sauce to have for the chicken. So we chose all 4 sauces (tangy lemon, mild peri, veri peri and supa peri in ascending order of spiciness level). For side dishes, we ordered spicy rice, potatoes with sauteed mushrooms, potato wedges and salad. The side dish serving was good! Quite substantial.

potato with sauteed white button mushroom
potato wedges


All the side dishes were good but the spicy rice was not up to expectation. It was not spicy and it was a tad too dry! It looked like briyani rice but minus the moist and fragrance.

family pack chicken (behind salad bowl), with flags to denote marination sauce
peri sauce family line-up

I prefer the mild peri sauce mixed with veri peri. Tangy, and spicy. Yums! The chicken meat was tender and flavourful. Even the breast meat was good! The meat was firm and slightly moist.

potato wedges, salad, sauteed potato mushroom, spicy rice and chicken with peri peri sauces


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