Sunday, January 16, 2011

Itacho Sushi @ ION Orchard (Part 2)

Revisited on 15 Jan 2011 (Saturday), and already there was a short queue at 5pm. Who eats dinner this early? Apparentlty many. Waited for about 10-15 minutes before we got our seats.

color coded ordering sheets

Ordering is via the color-coded (and also paged numbered) ordering sheets similar to some dim sum joints. The place was fairly busy, and we were quickly asked whether we would like to have hot/cold green tea (refillable). Note that for all orders of min. $10 and above (per pax), towel and tea charges are waived.

table setting
After handling the order sheets to the service staff, she will repeat the items and inform the customer whichever that is not available. Our orders arrived fairly quickly.

fatty tresus keenae (bamboo clam) and fatty yellow tail sushis
yummy fatty hamachi

As usual, I MUST order hamachi (yellow tail) sushi, so this time round, I tried the fatty yellow tail ($2.70). The oil is just nice and firm to bite. Heavenly when dipped with a little wasabi and soy sauce.

salmon spring roll

Salmon spring roll tasted light and refreshing, but it's pricey @$3.

green tea soba
roasted fatty salmon, roasted mackerel and sea salt scallop
juicy, plump scallop
roasted mackerel
roasted fatty salmon
flying fish roe with cheese warship (don't ask me why it's called warship)
roasted eel (which we were told was not available but it magically appeared!)
zaru shell sushi (crunchy!)
baby abalone warship
roasted saury and surf clam sushi

tasty saury

binchou tuna

Out of all the 17 items ordered, I only ate 6 pieces of sushi + half of salmon spring roll, which adds up to about $12+. The rest were devoured by my dining companion!

The scallop (with sea salt), fatty yellow tail, zaru shell and roasted saury are recommended.


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