Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hooked On Heads @ Sin Ming Plaza

Located at Sin Ming Plaza, the place was fairly empty when we visited on Friday at about before 8pm. Thought the name of the restaurant sounded morbid...but of course, 'heads' here are referring to fish heads (I think, I hope!)

dark furniture

The restaurant has a nice homely feel to it, but I felt that the airconditioning was quite strong.

logo on menu

So we ordered curry fish head (half @ $22) and one small he zhor (deep fried prawn with meat). For drinks, we had premium calamansi, orange juice and fruit punch (@$3 each). There's buffet option (minimum 4 person) at $21.80 per pax. That's cheaper than half a fish head!

our colourful drinks calamansi, fruit punch and orange juice

curry fish head (half)
fish head
he zhor

he zhor inside view
nice belachan

The fish head curry was not bad, but it wasn't wow. There's the usual assortment of lady's fingers and tomatoes (but no brinjals?). Curry was thick and tangy. The he zhor tasted quite different from what I used to eat way back in the late '80s. The version here tasted more like ngoh hiong, and its filling include water-chestnut bits. The he zhor that I was used to, tend to be darker colored balls with dense minced meat filling. Oh well, times has changed.


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