Monday, January 3, 2011

Ebiboshi Shotengai @ Illuma

Ebiboshi Shotengai is located at Level 4 of Illuma Bugis. It comprises a cluster of foodshops and you can get oden, shabu-shabu, noodles (ramen,udon, soba), teppan, tonkatsu, sushi and sashimi, kushiyaki and desserts amongst them. Of course, the other attraction is its automated ordering system using a pen-like electronic device.

Japanese food-street decor
interesting ceiling lights

The interior of the shops are cosy, but depending on where you are seated, you may end up with smokey and oily smell...

The service crew are generally helpful, and all beginners will be taught on how to use their ordering device.

point electronic device to such labels, and you will hear corresponding responses

The menu looks extensive and it has almost everything that you can find in Japanese foodshops. We ordered sashimi (salmon, maguro and hamachi 3 pieces each) + mekajiki (4 pieces), oden with curry rice, deep fried salmon curry rice, beef teppan, kani (crabstick) salad and yakitori set (5 pieces).

cute dainty plate
kani salad
The sashimi was alright except for the maguro which has 'veins' and that made it rather chewy.

my favourite hamachi
dipping sauce
appetising salad

The food quality is somewhat similar to other Japanese food-street concept eateries in Singapore. I find that it was somewhat ok, but nothing quite stands-out.

oden with curry rice

beef teppan

I had the yakitori as mains, and discovered that the meat sticks were better than the bacon wrapped ones.

meat yakitoris, the mayo one was tasty~
bacon wrapped (asparagus/enoki)

There were ample seats, and the place was quite empty on a Sunday evening.  We paid $28 per pax (there were 4 of us) for the food and green tea. Didn't order any desserts as we were stuffed.


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