Sunday, November 19, 2017

[Media Invite] Jin Fine Dining @ 76 Telok Ayer Street

Jin Fine Dining serves fine, quality Japanese food and is located within Amoy Hotel. Nearest MRT is Telok Ayer MRT (DTL). Turn to the right towards the vicinity of Far East Square if you are at the Telok Ayer street. Head towards Amoy Hotel and you'll find the entrance to the restaurant.

Jin Fine Dining offers omakase, sets as well as ala-carte dining options. I heard they bring in their fresh seafood every Tuesdays and Fridays. Was there on a Thursday and enjoyed the freshness of the produce, especially the sashimi platter. It was quite a fanfare when the platter was brought in, with smoke emitting the dry ice. Overall, the plate had one whole seabream, thinly sliced and arranged with salmon, maguro and hamachi. Just absolutely love the firm hamachi and maguro. Satisfying all the sashimi cravings at one go!

sashimi platter @$128
glorious plate
The sashimi platter was good for 5 to 6 pax, and it has my favourite fish - hamachi (yellowtail).

If you prefer carpaccio-style, they do have the Kanpachi Truffle Carpaccio. Trivia: What's the difference between hamachi and kanpachi? Both belong to the same fish family and kanpachi is also known as amberjack fish while hamachi is yellowtail. Kanpachi is less fatty in comparison with its cousin.

Kanpachi Truffle Carpaccio @$30
The carpaccio was nicely plated with chrysanthemum petals and black truffle shavings. A tiny flavour-bomb, this one.

I was surprised by their rendition of buta kakuni. Often times, we get small chunks of well-braised pork belly for the kakuni but at Jin's, it was a large chunk of meat. Just slightly smaller than dong-po meat (东坡肉). The surprise element was taken up another notch when this piece of wobbly meat was placed in the mouth. Juicy, savoury flavour that melts in your mouth. Doesn't feel greasy at all. Great execution.

Buta Kakuni @$30
Tempura Mori @$22
Kimchi Nabe @$23
Tura Nabe @$28

For soups, one could get the Tura Nabe or the Kimchi Nabe; cod fish or the pork belly kimchi hotpot. :Portion was good enough to be shared amongst 3 pax as a side-dish. Of course, if you are thirsty, then there's a selection of sake and drinks available. Cold beer could be the remedy after a hard day's work.

For carbs, we tried the Iro Iro Maki that's colourful, and the Jin Maki. The Iro Iro has slices of sashimi and avocado wrapping around the prawn tempura in sushi rice, then topped with caviar. The Jin Maki was crunchy fish skin within the rice and wrapped with salmon sashimi. Go for both!

Iro Iro Maki @$20
Jin Maki @$16

Lastly, if you are still feeling peckish, how about a bow of garlic rice to complete the deal? We ended up being super-full after that bowl of garlic rice but one just couldn't help but to eat it. It was just so tasty.

garlic rice

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Thank you Jin Fine Dining for hosting and HGW for the invite.

Jin Fine Dining

Address: 76 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 048464
Contact: 6536 6258
Business Hours:
Closes on Sundays


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